Museumsbygningen kunst auktioner – Oval coffeetable in rosewood

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Peder MoosPeder Moos (1906-1991)
Oval coffeetable in rosewood. Inlays, dowels and rivets of boxwood. Silver spirit level embedded in the plate and silver adjustment fittings under the table legs. One of a kind. Signed with inlaid monogram on each table leg. H. 56,5 cm. L 105 cm. W. 59 cm.

In 1956 Peder Moos designed and made this unique and perfectly crafted table for the Danish engineer Dahl – a man intent on making sure that his furniture was always perfectly level. Known for his meticulousness and extreme perfectionism, before designing the table, M oos stayed with the family for three days – sleeping on the floor – just to get the feel of the room. The result is a stunning piece of furniture marking the absolute pinnacle of Danish furniture design.

Lit: Morten Knudsen: “Peder Moos”, Teknologisk Institut, 1988, illustration p. 9.

Estimate: 200.000-250.000 Dkk.

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  1. Yesterday (4. October) this table was sold at auction in Museumsbygningen at a staggering price of 445.000 Dkk – roughly 60.000 Euro. Rumor has that the buyer is a collector in New York.

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