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Scandinavian heritage: Bay Ridge is a neighborhood in the southwest corner of Brooklyn.
The area is serviced by the R train only, with stations at Bay Bridge Ave – 95th Street.

About 20% of the current residents are Italian descent, and another 20% are Irish descent. There is also a large and active Greek population. In addition, Bay Ridge is home to one of the oldest Arabic populations in New York, which only makes up a small percentage of the neighborhood population. Several generations ago, the neighborhood was well known for its Scandianabian residents, and the neighborhood still contains few Scandinavian bakeries/Deli (Leske’s, Mejlander & Mulgannon) and hosts an annual Norwegian Day Parade. (Bay Ridge High School was the only New York City public school to offer Norwegian as a second language) Since 1990 Bay Ridge has become a favorite location for immigrants from the former Soviet Union.

Product: Dent Menthol Pastilles, Made in Norway
Store: Nordic Delicacies,Inc: 6909 Third Avenue, Brooklyn
Neighborhood: Bay Ridge (R train Bay Ridge Ave stop)

About Nordic Delicacies, Inc:
Best Scandinavian Store in Bay Ridge

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