Interview with Lynn Kingelin, designer from IKUINEN DESIGN

Today we are posting another gem in our collection: interview of Lynn Kingelin, talented designer from London. We wrote about her studio ‘IKUINEN DESIGN‘ few days before, and she also was so friendly to answer to our questions. NDB: Hi Lynn, First off how did IKUINEN DESIGN name come about? Everyone asks me about my studio’s name. Initially it was an over the top attempt at an ethos, but I keep the Ikuinen name as reminds me of perpetual, humorous paradox of design. Most designs…

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Hiljainen kansa – The Silent People

hfb posted a photo:

Hiljainen kansa - The Silent People

Billed as "The Oddity of Highway 5", 1000+ fully-clothed scarecrow-esque figures cover a field as a silent and solemn memorial to the Winter War. It was in this region that the fighting was the most intense and there are numerous memorials to the war nearby – The Raatteen Portti, and , is the largest. Sadly, we didn’t have time to go the 50km to visit that monument.

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Studio IKUINEN DESIGN was established in Seattle on the first day of the new Millennium. IKUINEN is Finnish and means ‘lasting.’ It reflects the paradox of ‘lasting’ in design. Leaving a lasting impression on our world long after it disappears and at the same time resoundingly ephemeral and temporal. Lynn Kingelin is a interdisciplinary designer. She has been practicing professionally since 1997 designing furniture, objects, installation art and practicing architecture through IKUINEN and in several Seattle design and architectural consultancies. IKUINEN DESIGN LLC is based…

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