10 Swedish Designers

Ten Swedish Designers was founded in 1970, when a group of ten young textile artists and designers joined together. They had a previous collective experience of having their designs rejected by the Swedish textile industry, with motivations asserting that their designed patterns were “unsaleable, too advanced and non-commercial”.
The aim of Ten Swedish Designers was for the designers themselves to take active part and control the entire production process, from the initial sketch to the printed fabric on display in the shop.
Since the start in 1970 Ten Swedish Designers have presented more than 30 successful collections comprising of some 600 printed fabrics and wallpapers. The group has exhibited at a large number of museums, in Sweden and throughout the world.


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  • Ab and Lies

    October 8, 2014 at 3:44 pm Reply

    Father 58 and daughter 27 from the Netherlands have a dream. We want to the real swedish products with class. That means products you can, t buy in our country . We are new in bussiness and we are orientating on opportunities. Who can help us to contact whith the right people in your country.
    Thanks a lot!

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