Gefle Sweden Pergola 1975

Gefle Sweden Pergola 1975
Gefle Sweden Pergola 1975

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Gefle Porcelain Factory

The Porcelain Factory in Gävle was found in 1910/12-79. In first years was known as Gefle Dutch tile factory, later Forsells Dutch tile- and faience factory. Later advanced in producing of quality porcelain. Was bought in 1936 by Upsala-Ekeby-koncern. Arthur Percy was art leader 1923-59, factory’s big baiting time. Factory produced art- and design ceramics and tableware. 1927 introduced the black glaze that became a big success. Designer: Herbert Perje about 1911-­55, Eugen Trost chef decorator 1922-63, Arthur Percy 1923-60, Anna-Relief Thom son 1933-52, Maggie Wibom 1933-34, Märta Willborg 1936-?,

Vicke Lindstrand 1942–50, Helmer Ringström 1942-80 of part of glaze decorations, Lillemor Mannerheim 1949-57, Ingrid Atterberg 1944-63, Mari Simmulson 1949-72, Sven Erik Skawonius 1935–39 and 1953–57, Eve Staer-Nielsen 1952, Kjell Blomberg 1953-57, Dorothy Clough 1954-57, Berit Ternell 1957-72, Göran Andersson 1960- number, Paula von Freyman 1962-64, Jackie Lynd 1970-s. Ivar Johnsson from 1930-s.

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  • Mr R Norden

    May 9, 2012 at 11:14 am Reply

    Dear sirs
    I live in Spain and found a pitcher or jug from the Gefle Porcelain factory in a bar boot sale
    The markings are Gefle – 959 – 26 ( Mollbar ) and I believe the potter was Ruben Wallstrom.1943/7
    It is my wife’s birthday soon and as she comes from Upsala I would like to give it to her with all the documentation as a present, I do not think it has any great value but could you advise
    The pitcher is perfect no chips or cracks
    Is there a specialist web site for this pottery and maker if I am rite
    Yours sincerely
    Mr R Norden

    PS how a pitcher come jug ends up in Tapas Bar in Spain is an even bigger mystery ??

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