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Taking An Interior Design Degree Online There are many things that you have to consider before choosing to pursue an interior design degree online. Online courses can be really different from a regular course at a university.

What is interior design? It is the study of interior spaces. For example, a bedroom will be designed to make the best use of available space. The interior designer has to consider all relevant health and safety issues while designing. He/she also has to plan the interior well so it’s that it’s easy to use.

Skills Required To Study Interior Design Online You should be highly creative and able to visualise different possibilities for all kinds of spaces. You also need to be practical. Creative ideas need to be brought into reality in a safe and desirable way.



CAT-iq Student Design Competition

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**DECT Forum requires exciting ideas for home communication products and services**

**Berne, Switzerland, July 2, 2008. The DECT Forum invites design students from all over the world to participate in the first international CAT-iq Design Competition and investigate in the future of broadband home communication.**

This is an opportunity for design students from various disciplines to showcase their creativity and exciting ideas to an international jury of industry leading companies: The following experts will judge the submissions:
* Vincent Buet (Director Consumer Marketing, Philips)
* Pieter Hermans (Chairman of the Jury, CEO Jakajima).
* Erich Kamperschroer (Chairman and President DECT Forum)
* Nicholas Rhodes (Director of St. Martins College London)
* Lesley Taylor (Head of Design, SGW Europe)
* C.H. Tong (President, VTech)
More information about the jury at: [](

The DECT Forum would like to encourage students’ creative thinking to conceive the future of home communication. There is almost no limit on the creative and innovative opportunities of the CAT-iq technology. The home communication industry is challenging participants in the competition in two basic areas:
* Products – stylish non-computing hardware devices
* Innovative and new services that can be offered by telecom network operators

“DECT Forum grants that inventors will stay owner of their own ideas. We will promote and market the best entries but will not claim intellectual property rights. This means that design students can not only win excellent cash prizes but additionally, the companies, who are sponsoring the competition will be interested to identify talented students for opportunities in their own organizations, says Erich Kamperschroer, Chairman of the DECT Forum.

For the winners of the CAT-iq Design Competition these prizes are available:
* First prize: 10,000 €
* Second prize: 5,000 €
* Third runner-up prize: 1,000 €

The registration closes on **September 19, 2008**. The deadline for the submission of entries is **October 10, 2008**. Winners will be announced on **November 14, 2008**. Interested design students find all details and contacts at []( and [](


TV Kaista

TV Kaista is a Finnish TV channel recording company. Hot Snow designed supporting materials for advertising campaign in Finland, Canada and USA. One of the task was to create a holder for business card-size fliers. This utility created from one piece of plastic using a sophisticated cut-out, and carry company’s corporate identity.



the measure of mike has added a photo to the pool:


the first sight of all the Jugend architecture in Helsinki is really quite magical; a not so subtle reminder of the gnomes, fairies and the mysticisms that came into fashion from the arts and crafts movement before it.

but with time you come to realize that the meaning of the style has evolved from those origins to marking the beginnings of a Finnish exceptionalism – that was directed outwardly at its Russian neighbors, and inwardly to a loose society taking its early steps toward nation-building.

so many of the buildings that remain were built within several years of 1907.