Butler 500 cordless DECT phone and the Butler 920 Skype phone


Goodmorning, a Danish strategic design firm recently developed stylish phones for a Belgium tele-company called TopCom.

Here shown the Butler 500 cordless DECT phone and the Butler 920 Skype phone.

The Butler 500 is a much simplified DECT phone for Topcom. Designed to be simple in expression and simple in use, the Butler 500 can be placed in its charger vertically or horizontally. The back of the phone houses a back-lit screen – to offer the information that matters. The keys use a touch-sensitive membrane but are graphically divided with fine lines “engraved” in the surface. In a world of over-styled and over-cluttered DECT phones, block offers a refreshingly simple phone which still has a strong presence.

The Butler 920 phone for Topcom is pure ”ear candy”. Designed as a high volume and relatively cheap Skype (VOIP) phone, the Butler 920 should be available in a range of bright, candy colours. The top half of the phone houses the screen within a case of clear plastic. The Butler 920 offers a fun and simple companion to your computer.

The Butler 500+ or “Partner phone” for Topcom is so-called because, unlike conventional DECT phones, it forms a strong partnership with its charging base. When sitting on its base, the partner phone creates an attractive whole, with an embedded screen which shows you just the information you need. A small scoop in the handset both helps to locate the navigation keys and makes it easier to pick the phone from its base. The base holds the handset in place with a magnet so that the partner phone can be placed horizontally or mounted on a wall.

(Goodmorning Technology is a strategic design firm, placed in Copenhagen Denmark. With 15 people working within the fields of product, graphic, digitaldesign, architecture, strategy, business, communication and ethnology they develop and design innovative solutions in a complex world)

Link: [Goodmorning](https://gmtn.dk/)

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