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This is a demonstration of a program Shamus Young wrote to generate and fly through a dynamically generated city. You can read the step-by-step of how it was made at his website: https://www.shamusyoung.com/…..


Ten Designer Handbags for Spring and Summer

This year there are is an endless array of handbag styles and colors to choose from that can give your warm weather outfit a lift. This is a great opportunity to gather some new ladies handbags that have a new, modern atmosphere.

Handbag canvas print – canvas bags with bright colors and prints have an artistic flair with unexpected color combinations. Special features include: ethnic prints, tropical screen prints, wood handles, top handles, chunky handles. Colors: white and red, white and black, pink and purple, black and white, green trim, etc.

Leather Oversize Tote – The great stock market leads to the center stage. It holds all your makeup essentials and with room for magazines, and that extra pair of shoes. Colors: brown, beige, white, gray. Styles: range from slouchy the more traditional clean, classic lines.

Slim Shoulder Handbag – 1950 handbags are inspired today to just a glance. These bags are shaped boxy nifty and feature a choice of elegant style spicy snakeskin. Beautiful material is also part of the attraction. Handles many channels feature fanciful to chunky. This is a presentation that is held with casual.

Big Bright Patent leather handbag – Do not be shy, an incredibly modern and chic with a large declaration of a beautiful bright handbag. Forget the delicate patent leather of the old. Among the highlights are: zippers biker style, generous in the bedroom, robust and durable, oh yeah, and the dazzling brilliance. Colors: racy red, lemon yellow, bright green, and bold blues. These very well with your neutral dress.

Classy Satchel Bag – Folders are no longer clunky and unwieldy. The new folder is gradually a new classic that while maintaining the shape and heavily accented style. Although you’ll still have rich browns to choose from, there is now a wide range of colors: yellow, green, purple, blue, silver, white and cream. Special emphases are: whip stitching, tassels and angled hinges.

Sporty Stripes Handbag ” Rev up for some sporty fun with crisp, clean and casual stripes. Leather and canvas get jazzed up with red, white, green, blue, orange and black stripes. Styles vary. Youll find stripes on both canvas totes and leather satchels.

Snakeskin Clutch Bag – Sizzling and seductive, the small group is transformed into the bag just look for the special evening. Bold snakeskin prints are in brown and black, silver and white, or cream and light brown. Keep other accessories light Sassy, when one of these numbers.

Soft Straw Handbag ” If youve never thought about carrying a straw bag before, its time to reconsider. This classic summer bag comes in more styles than ever before. Soft straw is flexible and lovely to look at. The straw can appear in many patterns. Leather accents come in colours such as: dark or light brown, white, tan and even snakeskin. These handbags go best with casual neutrals.

Glamorous metallic bag – metallic handbags tend to be somewhat ‘flashy and it is difficult to find the right dress to wear with them. However, metallic bags have had an unexpected touch of sophisticated models with intricate plot that compliment many other animals. Styles range from a cordon hobo retro.

Handbag Designer Denim – Denim Hand is an update with more styles and large buttons as accents of leather, angle zippers and tassels, buckles, straps and outside pockets with whip stitching . The new denim bag is fun, casual and chic.

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For Plush You 2009

Lou Lou and Oscar has added a photo to the pool:

For Plush You 2009

A little peek at my submissions for Plush You 2009. From left to right: The Bird Suit (velvet, wool felt, cotton, hand embroidery), Jinx (Cotton, wool felt, hand embroidery), Starfield Narwhal Fish Boy (cotton, wool felt, hand embroidery, wire). Inspiration: Battle of the Planets, Moby Dick, T.S. Eliot, the cosmos, the sea! I hope to have a blog post up dedicated to my little band of explorers at some point over the weekend, some other catching up news too! Oh and I must thank beautiful Margie Oomen who encouraged me to apply to Plush You when I was wavering and unsure.