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I believe this little girl is a pepper shaker. I looked all over the thrift store hoping to find the salt shaker that goes with her that I imagine would be a little boy. She is marked just "TK". After doing some research I think she might have been designed by Taisto Kaasinen who designed a lot of figurines for Upsala-Ekeby and Arabia in the 60’s. If any one has any better guess let me know.

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Cheese-Cover Plate:

Product name: Cheese-Cover Plate

Desginer: Benny Motzfeldt

Model: Osteklokke

Produced: Hadeland Glassverk

Year: 1955 – 1967

Description: smoked glass, blown, teak plate

Found: Flea market

Glass bowl:

Product name: "Fersken"

Desginer: Willy Johansson

Model: Fersken Bolle

Produced: Hadelands Glassverk, Jevnaker, Norway

Year: 1960s


Bought: Secondhand shop

Awards: Merket for god design – 1966

Candle holder:

Product name: Festivo candle holders

Desginer: Timo Sarpaneva

Model: Festivo

Produced: Hadeland Glassverk, Norway

Year: 1966

Description: clear glass

Found: Brukthuset Hammersland

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