21 *** kiss-kiss, pus-pussissa

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21 *** kiss-kiss, pus-pussissa

December 4th

Kiss-kiss in Finnish = Puss-puss in English 🙂

Kittens at play behind the fourth door of äRRä’s candy calendaR of the year 2011!

21 days to Christmas!

Kiss-Kiss -candy is one of the oldest caramels made by Fazer, manufactured since 1897. Kiss-Kiss was registered in 1901, making it the oldest trademark in Finland.

These must be one of the most popular candies amongst all Finnish kids (at least "my generation" in our childhoods) from the Fazerin parhaat (Fazer’s best) mix. The candy which you fought over with siblings or split exactly in the middle if there was only one in the bag. 😀

This long pink candy has a softly crispy cover and sticky toffee-like filling.

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