5 Tips for Mastering Nordic Interior Design

Are you trying to incorporate Nordic interior design into your home?

The clean lines, neutral colors and minimalistic features of the Scandinavian design are in high demand.

Homeowners are looking for functional pieces to add space to the rooms rather than filling every empty corner unnecessarily.

Simplicity is key in Scandinavian decor. This is due to the neutral colors typical of Nordic design like white, cream, and grey. You can find them on walls, furniture, floors, kitchen elements, and accessories.

So keep reading to discover how you can introduce this design style into your home the right way.

1. Neutral and Cold Colors


One of the main features of Nordic design is the cold, neutral color palette. All shades of brown, grey and white are welcome, complemented by dark blue or black.

Sometimes, you’ll find a pop of color to stir up the monotony, but the wall paint, furniture, flooring and room elements are almost always neutral.

2. Minimalist Furniture


The beauty of Scandinavian design lies in its minimalist furniture. The clean lines of Nordic interiors are all about functionality.

When you choose minimalist furniture for your home, think about removing clutter rather than adding to it.

Nothing stands out in Nordic furnishings. This is because you want the space you live in to be open and inviting, yet simple and easy on the eye.

3. Natural Light


ekornes room3.jpg

Scandinavian-inspired design strives to make the most of the natural light in your home.

This is based on the long Nordic winters when the days are short, so having as much light as possible is a must. And if there isn’t enough, you can create it with space, color and lighting elements.

Think skylights, long bare windows, and mirrors to reflect the white colors in the home. Where you lack natural light, use big lamps, wall lighting and LED string lights.

4. Mixed Textures

wood and metal

Another feature of Nordic interior design is the use of mixed textures.

You’ll find natural wood, marble, metals, and copper paired with soft and cozy blankets, carpets, cushions, and linens.

Combining all these different textures is easy when you have an otherwise minimalistic home. Use wooden chairs, tables, and elements in the kitchen, marble in the bathroom and metals in the living room.

5. Live Plants


Though Nordic interior design uses neutral and cool colors, you can add contrast with live houseplants. They’re a staple in many Scandinavian-style homes and celebrate nature and the flow of life, adding to the simplicity of the space.

You can use fiddle leaf fig, mother in law’s tongue, rubber plant, philodendron, prayer plant or succulents like aloe, echeverias or ox tongue. These are all easy to maintain and only take up one corner of the room.

Implement Nordic Interior Design in Your Home Today!

Now you know how to get that Scandinavian feel in your home with our 5 design tips.

You can’t go wrong with neutral colors, lots of natural and artificial light, a variety of textures and overall minimalism.

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