Free Adobe XD Resource: A Futuristic HUD style GUI kit

We are very glad to share with you this Free Adobe Xd resource – a beautiful GUI kit made in futuristic HUD style.

Time to time we are stumbling upon the tasks to create the SciFi inspired, futuristic Graphic User Interfaces for the various applications: from the web pages to mobile apps and device or machine interfaces.

Wide known under the various names such as “futuristic”, “scifi”, “HUD (Head-up display)”  the style and features appearing in many of SciFi movies, video games and vehicle graphic user interfaces. Despite the fact that the first examples of the futuristic GUI were created decades ago, this style is still relevant and many of the elements and patterns that we’ve seen only in the movies become real and we see them often in our life.

The most common features of such interfaces are the dark backgrounds and bright linear design elements, plain and digitally-looking fonts and a lot of the small stuff like the various markers, dials, cursors dividers, boxes etc.

So we have collected a quite huge amount of assets and styles, so we decided to share it with you, our fellow designers!

This design resource is made in Adobe XD file and has a big amount of symbols and styles. All are editable for your convenience!

Feel free to use it in your next project, and don’t hesitate to share your works made with this kit in the comments of this post. We will appreciate if you share this resource in social media.

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What is Adobe XD? It’s a free software for creating user interfaces, it’s fully integrated with other software of Adobe Creative Suite, such as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. This software available for Macs and PC. Our company using it in our workflow, it’s very flexible and saving a lot of time. 

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