Muumin päivä


Many of collectors who hoped to buy the special edition of famous Muumin mug called Muumin päivä (Muumin’s day) were disappointed when web store went down and in the physical stores the cups were bought by speculators in big quantities, so the stock was finished fast leaving many fans of infamous series without desired treasures.

The lack of IT readiness and organisation (Why not to restrict the sales to one item per person as it’s usual in such circumstances) fired a storm in social media, many of loyal fans of Arabia brand angry and even says that they do not intend to buy these items anymore.

It’s expected that the fair move from Fiskars was to reissue the bunch and to give the collectors to obtain their Muumin päivä mugs, but as we know, Fiskars representative said that they not planning to do that.

We can understand that Fiskars performing on their own benefits, but in the other hand Finns are though nation and if many of the previously loyal customers will decide to boycott the company’s products, the corporation is better to be prepared for the loss in their sales.

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