Interview with Jeppe Christensen & Michael Andersen, founders of Reform

We continue to publish interviews with the most prominent designers and influencers of Nordic Countries. It’s our pleasure to offer you the interview with Jeppe Christensen & Michael Andersen of Reform – one of the most influential furniture design companies.

1840 Reform Lendager 067_srgbNDB: Can you tell us about your design projects and the creative process behind them?

J&M: Our ambition is to create beautiful and well-designed kitchens, and it has to be payable to all of us. Many designers love to be a part of creating something that works for a lot of people and not just a few wealthy ones. When you create a furniture design, it’s often the designer’s dream to create an idiom that holds up for many generations. Therefore, it’s essential for us to give the designers much creative freedom to let the kitchen design match they’re aesthetic – we believe this is what provides the design with personality and a plan that will last for years.

1840 Reform Lendager 165_srgbNDB: From where do you get your inspiration?

J&M: Given that we want to bring the timeless appeal of furniture to the cooking areas of our homes, we’re very inspired by looking at other renowned designers, especially the ones who have designed chairs, lamps etc. that last over time. So why not design a kitchen that has the same possibilities? Like a piece of furniture in our kitchens. It’s ironic too, as we spend so many hours in our kitchens, but we’re not spending much time on the design.

1840 Reform Lendager 285_srgbNDB: Tell us about your favourite work you have done?

J&M: Though we believe that each of our designs tells a different story and therefore find them equally crucial for Reform’s ambition of offering ‘Everyday Classics’. We’re particularly excited about our latest two design launches; our ‘Degree’ design by award-winning and very talented Cecilie Manz really captured the minimalistic design-aesthetic beautifully, and ‘UP’ by Lendager Group with off-cuts from Dinesen was an incredible collaboration, not least on the basis that it’s a sustainable kitchen, which has been a big wish for us through years.

1840 Reform Lendager 183_srgbNDB: This is a favourite question that we ask our favourites. What are the top three songs currently on your playlist?

Jeppe: 33 “GOD” with Bon Iver, a Danish artist, called CV Jørgensen with “Entertaineren” and another Danish band called Gents with “Young Again.”
Michael: all three songs are with Michael Jackson; the only artist I listen to 🙂

1840 Reform Lendager 243_srgbNDB: Can you point to three Scandinavian Architects/Designers which creations you love?

Jeppe: Finnish Alvar Aalto, COBE in Denmark, and Terkel Skou Steffensen – a new upcoming Danish design talent
Michael: BIG – Bjarke Ingels Group, Afteroom and Studio David Thulstrup; launching a new kitchen by them at the beginning of 2019 🙂

1840 Reform Lendager 247_srgbNDB: Any words of wisdom for our Nordic Design Blog readers?

J&M: Do your best in every situation in life

NDB: Thank you, Jeppe and Michael, and we wish you inspiration in your creative work!

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