The band Candy Perfume’s debut video single “Silverado” was released today. This is a new alternative pop project by former Holy Motors guitarist Hendrik Tammjärv, which borrows a lot from 90s shoegaze , pop music and alternative rock.

Candy Perfume’s singer Hani Polyakov. Foto: Elena Kovpak
In addition to Tammjärv, Hani Polyakov, a singer with Polish, Ukrainian and Kazakh roots born and raised in Finland, and guitarist and composer Marko Mäemets from the band Sex Kassetta will take part in the project.

“Silverado is about looking for happiness in the wrong places. Finnish video director Juha Mattila tried to capture this feeling of loneliness in the big city, while leaving room for his own interpretations, ”comments Tammjärv.

He adds that although there are currently plans to release music on a single basis, there is a possibility that a longer audio medium will appear in the future.


VÄRSKE VIDEO: Candy Perfume „Silverado”

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