First there was Nordic Rock – and now here's Heavy Metal


From the people that brought you [Nordic Rock]( [Stone Ice Cubes](, MOCHA now bring you the Heavy Metal Nutcracker, which has just been launched at at: [ ](

A design deliberately kept simple and very tactile to use, the Heavy Metal Nutcracker works on the principle of gravity. To use, you just raise the large, smooth steel ball to the top of the U-brackets. Then let it fall, and feel a sense of satisfaction as you watch and hear it crack open the nut, waiting on the base below.

The Heavy Metal Nutcracker is manufactured in steel and wood.


Pizza Hut: Cheesy Bites Ateria 3-4:lle


I was under impression of [Phil’s post]( when we come to the [Pizza Hut]( in Citykäytävä in Helsinki, near Stockmann, and when I citated it to my wife, she starred at me with some doubth, but our daughter was very hungry and we decided to go for it finally.

After ordering of Cheesy Bites that so delightfully depicted on adverts across the restaurant, we figured out that pizza has a size of normal KotiPizza (Starting from 7,40€), and these infaumous cheese bites around the pizza has nothing common with their brothers photographed on the advertisement.

This masterpiece is stated as suitable for 3 or even 4 persons, but you will get feeling of hunger after the meal.

And all of this beauty only for 49,90€!


Gense Piruett

Gense Piruett

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Ad from 1960’s swedish Reader’s Digest.

“Three in one ― a new, fresh well-managed idea

The party cutlery for modern practices. Gives
You all in one ― fork, knife, spoon. A
Stimulating cutlery with the TV-supper
bridge snack (as in the card game) night supper, first course
or the picnic. Try yourself! Piruett
makes it tripple up festive!

In stainless steel 18-8 chrome-nickel steel. Nylon-
handle that simply will not loosen.

a pair of 4 in a nice present-package 30:― (SEK)”

found a set of these in a thrift store a couple of years ago.