Ikea continuing desire to dominate the world by the New Tome


Less than two months after Ikea has published a cookbook beautiful coffee-table-worthy, the Swedish home-furnishings chain, is back, this time simply by Ikea, the Book. Cool Hunting got his first look, and while yes, this work is in Swedish, is on a two-syllable word that makes many young people, scream joy on a budget. Brand’s most successful and iconic models studied in 450 pages, of which, written by experts in Scandinavian design and shape of the journalist Staffan Bengtsson. Not a word, but if the follow-up was designed for the S: Keyword: Book and Lost Screws: Book.


The Ultimate Guide to Scandinavian Style


From the [Luxist.com](https://www.luxist.com/):

The work of Lars Bolander, one of Sweden’s foremost interior designers whose shops in New York and Palm Beach are oases of good taste, is given its due in a beautiful new book from the Vendome Press. Longtime admirer Martha Stewart calls Lars Bolander’s Scandinavian Design “A sophisticated volume” and “an in-depth, intelligent, and informative look at the design sensibilities found in Scandinavian domestic furniture and decoration.” She notes that “Bolander surveys all of this with his keen eye and finely honed historical knowledge, and the results are breathtaking.” The book serves as a practical, idea-filled room-by-room guide to both classic and new looks in Scandinavian design.

Drawn from Bolander’s work on estates and houses all over the world for the past few decades and working from the outside in, the book begins with a study of exterior features such as the use of wood in construction, elaborate doorways, and building in harmony with nature. Successive chapters explore entryways, living rooms, dining rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, and bedrooms. Both traditional and modern design influences are featured, and sidebars throughout highlight specific design elements such as wood stoves, Danish Modern chairs, lighting, textiles, and more.


Satellites Mistaken for Stars

Satellites Mistaken for Stars
by Alexander Egger
180 Pages, 22 x 27,5 cm, Paperback, Dustcover
ISBN: 978-3-940393-16-6



With Satellites Mistaken for Stars, Egger contributes to the dialog of
experimental graphic design by giving us a book concerned largely with
understanding the poetic potential of everyday occurrences and expressing
disdain for hierarchical concepts and their boundaries. The seemingly
unimportant, banal events of everyday life are documented,
re-contextualized and de-constructed; confusion, deficiency and surprise
are woven in, bringing these events back into the viewer’s field of


Author gives away 10,000 copies of his new book for free


International author and speaker, Stefan Engeseth, gives away 10,000 copies of his new book, The Fall of PR and the Rise of Advertising, at the Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival. It is one of the world’s largest book releases with a retail value of €103,600.

In our harsh economic times, it is important to move business forward. That’s why author Stefan Engeseth gives away 10,000 newly printed books at the Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival, taking place June 21–27. A copy of his book will be included in all delegates’ bags. It felt so logical for the author to do this that he also in person will hand out books at the festival. His goal is to raise the economic bar with his book, which is full of creative and inspiring business ideas. It is Engeseth’s dream as an author to reach all the readers who can make a difference, so he will also give away the full book as a [free download](https://www.detectivemarketing.com/uploads/FallofPR_book.pdf) on his site [www.detectivemarketing.com](https://www.detectivemarketing.com/).
Isn’t a bit too out-of-the-box to give away 10,000 books? ‘People keep telling me I think outside the box, but I really don’t know what they mean. I’ve never even seen the box,’ says Stefan Engeseth.



Gloel has added a photo to the pool:


Own country strawberry, another country blueberry. This old Finnish proverb is often recalling in the attitude towards immigrants. However, we are on the point that the immigrant is a strawberry! He has interesting ideas and concepts. He will bring a new culture and different perspectives on usual things.

Roni Tran, Wilson Kirwa, Batulo Esak and 11 other new Finns explains why they came to Finland from Vietnam, Somalia, India, Turkey, Palestine, Kenya, Russia, Chile, Ivory Coast, Indonesia, Burma, Afghanistan, Kosovasta and Cambodia, and how they are survive here. Uzi Varon’s photographs of interviewees giving artistic value to the book.

The book is recommended as teaching material for secondary schools and for everybody who want to learn about immigrants in Finland.Suomalaisia has been issued by Lasten Keskus (www.lastenkeskus.fi) and available in book stores.

Hot Snow worked on its general design layout and page setting. We are enjoyed to work in tight collaboration with book authors, Marja Airola, Anne Tarsalainen and Uzi Varon.

teacher resource
Airola, Marja; Tarsalainen, Anne
Publisher: Lasten Keskus
Given date / year of publishing: 15.10.2008
ISBN: 9789516277533
Skills applied: Art direction, Graphic design
Client: Lasten Keskus


Design and Design

Picture 1.png

The Design and Design team are proud to announce that:
– the 2.0 version of DesignAndDesign.com is now online,
– the 730 designs awarded this year will be published for free
in the first Design and Design Book of the Year to be released in january,
– the 2009 selection has already started,
– and that their goal has not changed:
to give the worldwide community of designers a powerfull tool to promote themselves!

the Design and Design adventure is a success that goes on:
– a non-profit project unsponsored and totally independent,
– all year round, free subscriptions and free submissions, no deadlines,
– each day an homepage entirely dedicated to two new designers,
– two separate communities of designers reunified for the first time,
– a unique platform of expression, a great tool for inspiration,
– fresh news and premium ads (new features).

Please spread the word about this brave initiative among your friends and colleagues!

for more info, please visit:


Flickr: Books

Here some books about Flickr just released, an exerpt from the flickr blog:

How_to_use_flickr How to Use Flickr: The Ditigal Photography Revolution

This books is a great introduction to Flickr, both in the sense of flickr.com, the website, and Flickr, the, um … socially constructed conceptual framework for a new model of online interaction. It not only runs down the features, but contains a lot of great interviews, sidebars, stories of how people use Flickr, ettiquette, and notes on how the features are getting used and the social dynamics that have evolved. Definitely the book to get a friend or loved one you are trying to "convert" to Flickrism.

Flickr_hacks_1 Flickr Hacks: Tips and Tooks for Sharing Photos Online

Part of the venerable O’Reilly ‘Hacks’ series of books, and co-authored by Paul Bausch (Blogger co-founder and inventor of the permalink!) and Jim Bumgardner (creator of the Flickr Colrpickr and collaborative posters), this book is for the more technically adept Flickr user who’s interested in stretching Flickr functionality to the limits, through the website as well as through the API. With a great forward by Flickr co-founder Caterina Fake.

Building_flickr_applications Flickr Application Development with PHP

This one we haven’t read (it’s not out yet, but is available for pre-order from a few places) but it’s clearly intended for the real geek/programmer, toiling away building new services, sites, features and products using our APIs.