KAYIWA proves that granite has always been “in”

Move over marble – here comes something more contemporary. While for centuries marble has been the medium of classical sculptors, even an enduring and timeless art form like sculpture can use an update. KAYIWA brings sculptural design into a new era with its latest granite collection.

These art-meets-function creations, with a minimalist, modern-design sensibility, are intended to last for years of use and enjoyment. Each item is a numbered limited edition piece, which means that every single one is a completely unique work of art.

Granite is one of the most durable, naturally occurring stones. While mainly used in architecture and art, it is ideal for surfaces that see a great deal of use, such as counter tops. In creating these avant-garde objects for living that experiment with form and aesthetic, Lincoln Kayiwa combines traditional handcraft with mechanization to create a line of timeless products – from mortar and pestle to furniture – exclusively out of a selection of rare Finnish granite types, such as Amadeus, Brown Hill, Moss Granite and Lappia Green. The collection pays tribute to the Finnish centenary, as granite is the national stone.

Though granite is weighty, a key feature throughout the collection makes the pieces easy to move. Honed finger grooves are placed strategically to allow the user to grip objects and lift them off surfaces.

The silhouettes throughout the granite collection are a play on geometry, proportion and precision, with contrasts of various shades and types of polished and honed granite. They include the following:

The SM Mortar and Pestle is a must-have essential for foodies and kitchen adventurists. This totem pole-shaped pentaptych is not only great for grinding spices or making guacamole, pesto and more, but it’s also a nutcracker. Though this multi-faceted tool may allude to S&M, it’s only by coincidence. It’s named after the designer’s partner, whose family and close friends address her as SM.

SM+ Citrus Reamer is a highly functional objet d’art. The reaming end stays elevated off the surface where it stands to keep germs and mess at bay.

The Barbara I & II Candleholders are each an artistic work in progress, with accumulating wax drippings lending an icing effect. Just like cake, they crumble. They may chip along the edges over time in a natural process that contributes to their beauty but does not diminish their usefulness. They can be used as a whole or by the slice.

Used individually or in groups, the multifunctional Dico Catchall is an elegant receptacle for walking sticks, umbrellas, candles, pens and more.

Using this Betty Rolling Pin, the user need not exert as much pressure to achieve results. The weight and smooth stone surface make flattening dough as easy as pie.

Osmo and Edouard Flower Pots come in oval or cylindrical shapes (respectively) to set off your bonsai, cacti or other distinguished greenery.

The concept behind the Hamara Platter and Ittoli Bowl was the fascinating idea of a heavy object that hovers in air. Curved on both sides, the contact-lens-shaped platter and half-sphere-shaped bowl have no flat bottoms. The contrast between the dense granite and these expressive light shapes give the platter and bowl a weightless look, as if they are floating. These versatile vessels suit many purposes – as everyday receptacles or as table centerpieces – all of which display the inherent beauty in the natural grain of the granite.

The Nzela Coffee Table, an ingenious flat-pack construction of three snap-fit elements, uses only gravity to stay together; therefore, it does not require any tools, fixtures or fittings for assembly. Simple, yet sturdy enough for daily use, this series of coffee tables is a practical and beautiful addition to any living space.

The Eemeli Board Set is a combination of reversible trivet, cutting board and serving board – each with its granite type and unique, natural grain. Its high-strength surface construction is food-safe, limits knife marks, and easy to clean. Last but not least, it showcases each type of granite in the quadriptych beautifully.


Hemtex and Marimekko plagiarism, some thoughts.


Recently the Finnish design House Marimekko faced number of plagiarism claims, some of them seem obvious and some of them less. This series of accusations provoked a harsh discussions across the globe. As a result, the image of Marimekko was clearly damaged, thus I assume, it will be visible in their sales figures.

While reading the comments of the news articles, I saw some of the folks come up with feeling that somebody wants to fire down Marimekko as a business. The frequency of appearance of such accusations across the different media assets evoke suspicion that the blackmailing of Marimekko was started by some power, person or group, or whatever. This idea seems to me as another conspiracy paranoid bullshit, and when I discussed with my Finnish friends, nobody received this theory seriously.

A fresh twist with the latest news about similar claims against well known Swedish design firm Hemtex that clearly seems as the main competitor of Marimekko in European market, and if there is some planned actions are existing, it can be started by the powers who interested in either the collapse of one of these companies, or both of them.

What actually happening with these leading design houses of Nordic region? Please feel free to share your thoughts in comments.


Apple changed design of iCloud

iCloud iOS7

iCloud iOS7

Apple changed the look and feel of their iCloud online service today. Now it has a new, already defined in iOS 7 look. Page’s background has been changed and icon’s style is more flat now. There is many rants among creative community about Apple’s new style, but we need to admit that they are consistent in their design, that’s very often is a recipe of brand success.


F-Secure Lokki – a nice app that make your life easier.


F-Secure’s brand new cell iphone app is a simply and secure method to show the particular locations exactly where all your family members are located.

F-Secure says about the Lokki: “We know that nobody wants to be tracked, so we created Lokki around people and places, instead of focusing on tracking your family members on a map.”

Lokki is a free application and it’s available on all biggest mobile platforms.

Link: Lok.ki