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Approximate Conversion from Points to Pixels

Have you had ever a task to build web layout measured in points? It’s looks unusual, but in practice there are cases when it’s really necessary. Here is a resource that may help you: Approximate Conversion from Points to Pixels It’s a chart that converts points to pixels (and ems and %). It’s an approximation, which will depend on font, browser and OS, but it’s a good starting point.

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A List Apart: Articles: High-Resolution Image Printing

From A List Apart: Articles: High-Resolution Image Printing This very interesting article on A List Apart describes the technique for printing graphics of the web page as high-resolution images: You probably already know how to use media-specific CSS to provide a suitable layout for the printed page. But how great would it be to be able to go further and provide a better print alternative through the use of specific high-resolution images specifically for print? Awesome? Here’s how.

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CSS Organization Tip 1: Flags

Link: stopdesign -A very useful article to everybody who dealing with CSS. It’s so simple and powerful! Do you write and manage large CSS files? Ever get tired of scrolling up and down in search of a specific rule or set of rules? The CSS files I work with for client projects are often quite long, requiring constant scrolling up and down several screen’s worth of text to alter rules or add new ones. While working on a current project, I just made a tiny…

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