Menu Space is a newly finished showroom, office, and café, designed in collaboration with Norm Architects for Danish design company MENU.

Menu Space is the new showroom, office, and café in Copenhagen. The interior is inspired by the raw and industrial setting of the surrounding area. Located in the upcoming Copenhagen neighbourhood surrounding the harbour in Nordhavn.
“The space draws heavy inspiration from strong materials such as concrete and steel, which can be seen throughout the space. This use of natural and durable materials provides a beautiful contrast to the objects and designs that fill the plateaus, floors, and corners.” – Norm Architects

Vibrant and inspiring atmosphere
“The idea is to keep Menu Space moving and ever changing. To have friends of the house and people we admire stop by on a regular basis and change the interior layout however they see fit – ensuring that we always have a vibrant, creative, lively space that continues to inspire our neighbours, visitors, friends, clients, and designers” – Design Director Joachim Kornbæk Engell-Hansen.

Opening hours and info
Menu Space, Hamborg plads 2, 2150 Nordhavn, Denmark
Open weekdays 8.00 – 16.00

Styling: MENU & Nathalie Schwer
Photos: Jonas Bjerre Poulsen, Norm Architects


The 2nd international Copenhagen Design Week is to be held in Copenhagen from 1st to 6th September 2011.


Copenhagen Design Week brings together activities from the world’s largest design award: INDEX:Award to exhibitions and conferences showing Copenhagen as a living lab of sustainable urban development. The week offers an exciting programme with exhibitions, conferences, talks, guided architecture tours etc. – all in a “Think Human” context.




Peter Karpf has always been fascinated by the living flame and therefore designed a candleholder with not one but two flame holders. Shaped in polished stainless steel like a half circle the Gemini candleholder provides an all-neutral and harmonious course from flame to flame. What’s more, the open shape gives the owner the greatest possible freedom to combine an endless number of Gemini candleholders as illustrated here.

Designer: Peter Karpf, Denmark
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The Duck and the Duckling


Misha Juklova from Architectmade says:

One of our latest additions to our selection are the Duck and the Duckling. The pair has been designed by Hans Bølling in 1959 and is made out of teakwood. They both carry the modern Danish trademarks of clean cut lines and a timeless appeal. The inspiration behind them was taken from a special famous day in Copenhagen when a policeman stopped the rush hour traffic to let a duck family pass.

Designed by Hans Bølling, produced by [Architectmade](


Hover Eco bench


“The Hover Eco Bench is both a luxurious piece of furniture and a unique piece of design with a sustainable history,” says Kristoffer Kjær. “The vertically positioned lamellae which form the seat of the bench, all originate from old Dutch colony houses in Indonesia. They are cut from century-old teak trunks that have been sawn up and treated with oil. The old teak wood has a glow and a character in the growth ring which makes the piece of furniture something quite exceptional.”

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Bythreads is a new startup from the land of Denmark. Initially started as a design firm back in 2004, Bythreads has now grown into a product development outfit. The design duo “creates minimalist design laptop bags, with a clean conscience” which means that they put products on the market which they will stand by for better or worse. Luckily for us all, Bythreads collection of bags and sleeves offer great takes on laptop portability. Beautiful and classic.

Picture 7.png

More looks at the Bythreads Journal, Shoulder Cases, at [](



Responsible Nordic design


Responsible Nordic design
The first fall launch from Muuto is a storage basket with the name Restore. It is made of polymer felt from recycled plastic bottles, and allows you to store your things without burdening the environment or your conscience. The basket is designed by Finnish designer Mika Tolvanen who explains how he came up with the design: “My idea was to design a basket that could be used for a lot of purposes – something that stores anything from magazines and newspapers to toys and firewood. Also, a lot of thought has gone into the use of polymer felt. The responsible material choice combined with the basket’s soft shape give Restore an expression that is both warm and welcoming.”

Restore is available in light grey, dark grey, blue, green and purple. Width 35cm, length 48 cm, height 23 cm.
In shops in November.

New colours for popular lamp
The Mhy lamp from MUUTO is designed by Norway Says and with the introduction of a red and a grey version, the popular lamp is now available in no less than seven colours. Norway Says on the design: “Mhy combines an elegant and discreet appearance with a personal expression that is inspired by literature from our childhood. With its elegant and light design, Mhy is a great choice for your kitchen, dining table, hall or any other room, where you want to add a stylish element”

Mhy is now available in black, white, yellow, green, purple, red and grey.
New colours will be in stores in October.

MUUTO is an innovative Scandinavian design company that joins forces with the leading contemporary Scandinavian designers to create original products with new perspectives. The result is design objects that are enjoyed across the world, representing the best of Scandinavian design today.

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Common Practices in Denmark


Before going on a trip to Denmark, it’s a good idea not just to prepare your suitcase and itinerary but also to learn a bit about Danish culture. Here are some of the most popular Denmark local customs so you’ll know how to act properly while enjoying your stay there.

One of the Denmark local customs you should know is how to greet other people in Denmark. Danes use first names so make sure you introduce yourself by your first name when asked and refer to others in the same way. Also, rather than giving someone a peck on the cheek, simply shake his or her hand, since kisses on the cheek are often reserved for couples and relatives.


Sweden and Denmark hit by earthquake

Just heard in the radio in my car about earthquake in Sweden and northern Denmark, one of first google hits pointed to this article:

An earthquake measuring 4.7 on the Richter scale hit southern Sweden early on Tuesday, the Seismological Institute at Uppsala University said, but no damage was immediately reported.

The quake, which hit at 6:20 am (1620 AEDT), had its epicentre 59 kilometres southeast of Sweden’s third-largest city Malmoe, the institute said.

Media reports indicated the shock was felt throughout southern Sweden and northern Denmark, including the Danish capital Copenhagen, as buildings and homes shook but no damage was reported.

Earthquakes of this magnitude are rare in Scandinavia.

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Butler 500 cordless DECT phone and the Butler 920 Skype phone


Goodmorning, a Danish strategic design firm recently developed stylish phones for a Belgium tele-company called TopCom.

Here shown the Butler 500 cordless DECT phone and the Butler 920 Skype phone.

The Butler 500 is a much simplified DECT phone for Topcom. Designed to be simple in expression and simple in use, the Butler 500 can be placed in its charger vertically or horizontally. The back of the phone houses a back-lit screen – to offer the information that matters. The keys use a touch-sensitive membrane but are graphically divided with fine lines “engraved” in the surface. In a world of over-styled and over-cluttered DECT phones, block offers a refreshingly simple phone which still has a strong presence.

The Butler 920 phone for Topcom is pure ”ear candy”. Designed as a high volume and relatively cheap Skype (VOIP) phone, the Butler 920 should be available in a range of bright, candy colours. The top half of the phone houses the screen within a case of clear plastic. The Butler 920 offers a fun and simple companion to your computer.

The Butler 500+ or “Partner phone” for Topcom is so-called because, unlike conventional DECT phones, it forms a strong partnership with its charging base. When sitting on its base, the partner phone creates an attractive whole, with an embedded screen which shows you just the information you need. A small scoop in the handset both helps to locate the navigation keys and makes it easier to pick the phone from its base. The base holds the handset in place with a magnet so that the partner phone can be placed horizontally or mounted on a wall.

(Goodmorning Technology is a strategic design firm, placed in Copenhagen Denmark. With 15 people working within the fields of product, graphic, digitaldesign, architecture, strategy, business, communication and ethnology they develop and design innovative solutions in a complex world)

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