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Nordic Fashion Biennale

A symphony for the eye, nurture for the mind and inspiration for the future; The Nordic House, Iceland, is proud to announce that in 19.03-05.04 2009 we will be hosting Nordic Fashion Biennale. This is the first time an event like this is being held and this year we are focusing on fashion and jewelry from the vest-Nordic countries: Faroe Islands, Greenland and Iceland. This year’s main event is “In front of Creativity” a design exhibition portraying the cream of vest-Nordic fashion selected by the…

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Shall the Nordic Region be a GMO-free zone in the future?

“The Nordic Region should be declared free of genetically modified organisms and the Nordic countries should join other European states like Austria, Greece and Poland, which have already declared themselves GMO-free zones,” according to a proposal by the Lef-Socialist Green Group (VSG) on the Nordic Council. “Research suggests that the use of genetically modified products has a negative impact on health,”(…) “It would provide a boost to sustainable development and underpin the positive environmental and health image the Nordic Region aims to project,” says the…

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Your Product on Nordic Design Blog!

Nordic Design blog ([]( is your source to fresh trends and events related to design and life in Nordic Countries (Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Faroe Islands and Finland) Want some visibility for your design? Let us know. We’re always interested in anything related to Nordic Design. **Your Product on Nordic Design Blog!** Nordic Design Blog is always showing cutting edge designs from Nordic Countries. Want to see your creation among other trendy and most influential masterpieces? Then submit your product and we will represent it…

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