JOLIER´s next collection Emma & Coco is revealed

Jolier coco lace pressrelease

JOLIER´s fall 2011 collection Emma & Coco has been revealed.The elegant dresses have a female agent motif. “The idea was to combine the modern woman with a retro female military officer esthetic. “I want to empower women, make them beautiful and seductive yet dominant and dangerous… give them a certain confidence”, describes Sveta Planman,designer and CEO of JOLIER. Inspiration includes the 2008 French film Les femmes de l’ombre and Salt (2010).

Emma & Coco is a continuation of the JOLIER transformable line previously represented by the Paris London Milan New York collection. Emma, the shorter of the two dresses, transforms from wide to pencil and Coco´s length from maxi to mini. Sleeves in both models transform from short to long. This functionality offers the wearer a multitude of looks to choose from. Coco with its long helm and collar mirrors the idea of the male business suit. Materials are a sophisticated wool mix, an always stylish black, and a black/nude lace.

To continue with the the agent theme Emma & Coco were shot in the historical Mannerheim suite in Hotel Kämp Helsinki. Noted fashion photographer Liisa Valonen created a subtle dialog between subject and setting leading to the final images that portray the collection in a dramatic and cinematic way. Emma & Coco arrives in stores on the 1st of August and joins the previous continuous JOLIER collections.


A Nordic Passion for Street Fashion


This season, street fashion has hit an all time high in Nordic countries as men combine hobo with boho and the ladies are sporting chic nightclub worthy fashions at all times of the day!


It’s military school drop out meets high school punk as a spectrum of styles for men collide. Capturing that “anything goes” attitude and looking as if they picked a few things up off of their dorm room floor, men street fashion is inspired by a myriad of looks. Cardigans, cut-offs and Converse are the three must haves for men this season. Scarves and trucker hats are accessories that can be found on every street corner and colors include a Mad Max array of muted reds, grays, khakis and navy.

**The Look for Ladies**

Sequins, sparkle and shine are hot day and night! From leopard prints to satin slacks, Scandinavian women can be spotted in everything from super short skirts to floor length dresses. Peep toe boots in animal prints are the “it” shoe and the bigger the accessory, the better. The same goes for purses, the over sized bag is the way to go right now. Black is in as always and shades of tan, gray and ivory are also heavy hitters for women in the color department.

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College Scholarships. In her spare time, she enjoys square-foot gardening, swimming, and avoiding her laptop.


IVANAhelsinki: Leaving Circus


IVANAhelsinki spring/ summer 2010 “Leaving Circus” collection

London Fashion Week:

BFC Showrooms
easternBLOCK stand
180 Strand
London WC2

Dates: 18-22nd September
Times: 9.30 – 7.00pm

Paris Fashion Week

40 Rue Quincampoix
Paris 75004

Dates: 2 – 7th October
Times: 9.00 – 7.00pm


RingRing: a new collection from Chao & Eero

RingRing_Cufflink cufflinks 100dpi.jpg

Chao & Eero come with new collection, RingRing.

Designers created the RingRing collection with a hint of the urban art form of graffiti, which they have been photographing many years in Finland and abroad during their trips.

RingRing_Earring big earrings_big 100dpi.jpg

These are serious designs with fun and playful attitude, so they are pretty much in line with all the jewelry they have been creating through out the years.

RingRing_Tieclip tieclip 100dpi.jpg

Made with the sense of humor each piece is definitely a good conversation opener.

RingRing_Ring ring gold diamond 100 dpi.jpg

As always, all the pieces are handmade and finished in Lahti, in their brand new studio, where Chao & Eero moved in the beginning of this year.



W* House / Wallpaper

The W* House (20090714).jpg


“About The W* House

We thought it only fair to throw open the doors to The W* House and
share with you our wealth of experience in the design world.

From cutlery to cupboards, pots to plumbing, The W* House features our
favourite pieces of design from around the globe, room by room. We’ll
update them every time we find something new we like, building the
collection into an archive for as long as the pieces are for sale.

Practicality isn’t often a buzzword at the Wallpaper* HQ, but when it
comes to sharing our finds we wanted to keep things simple, letting you
furnish your house the Wallpaper* way, with the click of a mouse.”

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Модные детки

Latest work from [Hot Snow Design Studio]( a logotype for online store of children clothes Модные детки (In Russian). Graphic Designer: Bronislav Gorlinsky.

Skills applied: Art direction, Graphic design, Brand creation

Client: Модные Детки, 2009.

In this tough time of overall recession people starting to be more active and coming with new ideas, and some of them are successful and very useful for everybody. This online shop has been launched in an attempt to survive in difficult financial situation and help others. Now people in Russia can afford quality clothes for their kids on very reasonable prices. We are proud of being supporting this initiative and helping to create professionally looking identity for this handy online store.

Link: [](

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There's A New Kid In Town – Chrome Hearts Sunglasses


Chrome Hearts sunglasses top’s the cake when it comes to extraordinary styles! Chrome Hearts sunglasses is a designer brand that was founded many years ago by a motorcycle enthusiast. It took that motorcycle enthusiast 19 months to design the first collection of Chrome hearts sunglasses.

It was 19 months of designing and developing one of the best flawless products out today. The precise detailing on the Chrome Hearts sunglasses is just one of the reasons Chrome Hearts sunglasses are an expensive brand, but well worth the money fore sure!