by Lassen launches the Tired Man Footstool and a smaller sized Frame Sideboard

Flemming Lassen designed the iconic Tired Man armchair in 1935 for the Copenhagen Cabinetmakers’ Guild competition. Its striking organic curves and voluminous armrests caused a sensation and today overstuffed furniture has become synonymous as the ‘Flemming Lassen style’.

By Lassen relaunched the Tired Man in 2015 to great acclaim with the chair going onto win the award for ‘comeback of the year’ at the Danish Design Awards.  As a direct extension of the chair, by Lassen now launches the Tired Man Footstool, which references the same lines and curves as the seat of the Tired Man armchair. The new Footstool also reuses the same wheels and legs as the main armchair. 


Flemming Lassen’s compact and elegant two-person sofa Mingle was designed in 1935 and shown at the Cabinet Maker’s Autumn Exhibition in Copenhagen the same year. Inspired by his many trips around Europe, Flemming added a touch of French elegance and Italian style to his own Scandinavian minimalism when designing the Mingle sofa.

Now available in exciting new dark blue and Bordeaux colours Mingle is offered the chance to speak a new design language and become freshly appreciated in a whole new way. The sophisticated shades of Bordeaux and dark blue are perfectly matched to the shape of the sofa. Both deep rich colours allow the Mingle sofa to stand out from the crowd with an exclusive, almost regal look that references classic drawing rooms, parlours and sitting rooms.


Frame is a flexible storage solution that takes its starting point from an original Mogens Lassen sketch from 1943, which itself was inspired by the architect’s interest in Cubism. The characteristic cubed boxes use the same 6 mm metal frame profile found in many of Mogens Lassen’s designs. Frame unites functionality, quality and aesthetics, letting you decide the ultimate look.

The Frame Sideboard combines a Frame box with its very own minimalistic cubic metal stand resulting in a unique piece of stylish freestanding furniture. Now available in a smaller 35 cm size, the new Frame Sideboard is even more ideal for use as a bedside table or extra sofa side table. The Frame Sideboard 35 can also be placed next to other Frame Sideboards to create elegant extra shelving or cupboard space that is both chic and minimalistic.



IKEA Recalls 29 Million Dressers And Chests After 6 Toddler Deaths


IKEA recalls it in USA and Canada, but not in Scandinavian countries yet. Finnish site is silent about it, and their support persons answering that if you will attach it to the wall with provided kit nothing bad happens. We continue to monitor this issue.




NZELA is a sturdy modular table set made of grade A birch plywood. Plywood is used instead of plain solid wood because of its better resistance to the effects caused by humidity. The no-tool setup takes a mere 3 minutes per table and you may seamlessly conjoin – in whichever direction – as many tables. Storage is also easy – simply disassemble and place the table parts in a neat pile.

NZELA may not only be used for dining but also as a conference table, a statement piece for the lobby or for an unofficial ping-pong match, to mention. There is ample legroom and a toddler’s high chair fits perfectly too.

You may choose from 3 tabletop colors – red/white, blue/white or yellow/white. Additionally, the visual appearance (the glossiness or hues of the colors) may be personalized; and the table parts can be re-arranged to suit any space or taste. The De Stijl movement inspired this objet d’art. The name Nzela is Luganda for Angella in homage to my grandmother.

Material: Birch Plywood
Length: 148 cm
Height: 74 cm
Width: 148 cm
Weight: 95 kg

KAYIWA manufactures its products to very high standards and we guarantee that they will perform well for many years. Accordingly, we warranty all the products for the period of 10 years.

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DIPLODOCUS Clothes Racks


Finally clothes racks worth hanging your Gucci and Prada!

DIPLODOCUS’ minimalist design in four versions (2 mountable and 2 freestanding) works with all decors and is suitable for both private and public spaces such as homes, hotels, boutiques, restaurants, yachts, nightclubs et cetera.

The high quality DIPLODOCUS clothes racks have a sturdy lightweight tubular stainless steel frame. Their electropolished durable surface is easy to clean and maintain. It is also scratch, wear, water and corrosion resistant.

The clothes racks have ample height and hanger spacing that allows for long and thick garments. You may also use them to hang scarves and umbrellas.

The freestanding versions (DIPLODOCUS I and DIPLODOCUS II) come with polished chrome 360° swivel casters with brakes in orange, matte black or grey: You may also have them with adjustable feet – or both.
Additionally, the tops of the freestanding versions are compatible with the bottom part of the frame so you may use them interchangeably. Assembly is quick and easy.

DIPLODOCUS I may be conveniently used by adults, children plus people with disabilities.

The mountable versions are custom-made owing to differently sized closets; please contact us for a quote.

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The stool Nitton° is a product from a sustainability project. Questions like “How can a stool be designed to be more environmentally friendly, economically profitable and with social features?

The stool is made from thin layers of wood that are pressed together with glue and heat. The glue is a new type that is not dangerous for our environment and is extra hard to allow the thin construction. Thin construction minimizes material and double curved surfaces allow maximum weight. To give it social values the stool is designed to comfort a small group of up to nineteen people. If you put nineteen stools together you get a circle that is the perfect size for a small group when communicating, everyone can have eye contact and easily hear each other, perfect for schools, libraries and museums.

The name Nitton° is the Swedish word for nineteen, the degree sign connects to the stools curve that is also nineteen.

The stool will be shown at the fair “Hem 2009” in Stockholm, Sweden this week 1-4 October

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W* House / Wallpaper

The W* House (20090714).jpg


“About The W* House

We thought it only fair to throw open the doors to The W* House and
share with you our wealth of experience in the design world.

From cutlery to cupboards, pots to plumbing, The W* House features our
favourite pieces of design from around the globe, room by room. We’ll
update them every time we find something new we like, building the
collection into an archive for as long as the pieces are for sale.

Practicality isn’t often a buzzword at the Wallpaper* HQ, but when it
comes to sharing our finds we wanted to keep things simple, letting you
furnish your house the Wallpaper* way, with the click of a mouse.”

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VANN – combined seat and light fixture for outdoors from ELI GNOSJÖ AB


During Elfack Fair in Gothenburg traditionally organized Elfack Design Award design competition. Among 16 selected contributions the VANN project was selected as winner . The jury, which has selected contributions are Kaj Abbe Herd, Region Manager for SVID (Swedish Industrial Design Foundation) and Kalle Klockars, Studio Manager at Propeller. They describe the product as “smart, well made and the Nordic light”.

Vann is a new type of product that works as furniture and light fixture. Applications are all types of outdoor environments where you want to create a decorative environment that combines furniture and lighting. The fixture, or the podium if you like, have a seat of iroccoträ, a weather-resistant woods that have the same properties as teak. A frame is constructed of painted aluminum strips that create a decorative grill. The light source comes from a 20W halogen lamp.
The fixture is custom designed for the terraces to the newly renovated hotel, conference and spa facilities Vann ( outside Lysekil.

Design Jonas Werning & Tor Olsson, Phosforos Lighting (
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Motiv miljö liten.png

‘Motiv’ is an angled fan casing for kitchen fans that can turn really personal – you can use the fan casing as a picture frame.
Insert your family photo, holiday memories or a piece of the same wallpaper as on the walls in the kitchen. And feel free to
change motif whenever you like.

Fjäråskupan is manufacturing elegant fan casings by hand after the measurements desired by the costumers.
Fjäråskupan’s products are known for being both well-designed and well-functioned. The company is based in Gothenburg (Göteborg).

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