OS X Mavericks: new features

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iOS users have been using iBooks for years but now desktop users will get to join the club, with a standalone iBooks application available in OS X 10.9 Mavericks.

Another feature which has been available iOS for some time, Apple Maps on OS X Mavericks will allow the user to plan out a journey on their Mac and then send the directions through to their iPad or iPhone running iOS 7 for navigation on the go.

The new Mac Maps app lets you look up locations, see maps in 2D or 3D, view vector map illustrations or overhead photographic views and see live traffic and Yelp information.

The Shared Links feature from iOS 7 will also be available on Safari in Mavericks, providing users with a dedicated list of links shared by their friends on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

The Top Sites tab will also be updated, allowing users to organise thumbnails of their favourite sites by dragging and dropping them into position or adding them from the Bookmarks tab in the sidebar.

Mavericks introduces a new feature called AirPlay Display, which allows customers to use an Apple TV as an extra display.

It will be possible to drag windows from your Mac display to your TV screen via an Apple TV, and users will be able to set an arrangement via the Displays preference pane.

Each tab will behave like its own Finder window and the user can adjust the view settings of each one accordingly, so one tab can show an icon view, another a list view, and so on.

Built-in dictation was introduced in the previous release of OS X, but the version in Mavericks lets the user download an ‘Enhanced Dictation’ package that displays words as the user is saying them, in the style of third-party dictation products such as Dragon Dictation from Nuance.

Apple is updating Notifications in OS X Mavericks, allowing users to interact with them directly from the notification bubble.