FærID have just launched a new product range in Iceland at the Design March in Reykjavik.

FærID is a new product design company based in Iceland with a mix of Icelandic and Swedish designers.

Here is a list of the three objects shown at the Design March.



Inspired by old Nordic history, Midsummer festivals and love of family. This piece named Askur was first show-pieced during the Design March in Iceland in 2009.

The piece reinvents old values and new experiences.

This picnic basket is handcrafted in Iceland out of Icelandic Birch and then spray coated as a protection for the wood.

The pieces in the picnic set are designed mainly to serve for Nordic food such as herring, rye bread, potatoes and eggs.

Designers: Karin Eriksson & Thorunn Hannesdottir, Iceland




The French fairy tale Le Maistre Chat, ou Le Chat Botté, commonly known as “Master Cat” or “Puss in Boots”, inspired the designers when confronted with a problem known to most homes.

The average woman owns around 19 pairs of shoes, to maximise the lifetime span of the shoes it is important that they are well kept.

The Master holder keeps the boots from wrinkling around the ankle, falling over and messing up the hallway. The Master clip is used in ankle boots and court shoes to maintain their shape and lure.

The shoe and boot holders, are very light and can be flat packed for easy storage while they are not in use.

The Master range create added value to the owners footwear and creates playful and clean aesthetically pleasing elements to your home.

Designers: Karin Eriksson & Thorunn Hannesdottir, Iceland




Epikk is a module shelving unit is designed to work for all homes.

The unit floats on the wall and the wall posts come in different lengths as well as that the wall post are able to conceal electrical cables in specially designed slots on the edges of the wall posts.

This allows electronic devices found in most modern households today to be stored away whilst been esthetically clean and cable free. This is also incorporated in the desk designed for the unit which has a compartment that can store away an extension as well as multiple cables with no visibility to the eye.

The design gives the consumer complete control and allows the customer to play with size, colors, price and layout.

The visual language for the shelf was originated from the Danish design The Royal System designed by Poul Cadovius.

Epikk uses wood and plastic together, mixing different colors and textures. The brushed steel brackets give the unit a strong and a secure hold.

Designers: Karin Eriksson & Thorunn Hannesdottir, Iceland




Screen shot 2010-01-09 at 14.13.06.png

Icelandic Market is one of Iceland’s leading web shops, offering some of Iceland’s leading brands and designers.

Icelandic design is inspired of marvels of Mother Nature so the the unique nature and culture in Iceland has been inspiration for many of them. Summers are surprisingly warm and winters not as cold. The warmth shown by Icelanders and their desire to share their culture hopefully reflects in some of the products offered at Icelandic Market.


Nordic Fashion Biennale

A symphony for the eye, nurture for the mind and inspiration for the future; The Nordic House, Iceland, is proud to announce that in 19.03-05.04 2009 we will be hosting Nordic Fashion Biennale. This is the first time an event like this is being held and this year we are focusing on fashion and jewelry from the vest-Nordic countries: Faroe Islands, Greenland and Iceland.

This year’s main event is “In front of Creativity” a design exhibition portraying the cream of vest-Nordic fashion selected by the curator Matthias Wagner K. His selection shows how influential nature is for vest-Nordic designers. This can be seen in use of material, colors and form.

The highlight of Nordic Fashion Biennale is the Icelandic Design Days. Then the Nordic House will be filled with Icelandic fashion design, showrooms and parties.

Other events include The Fashion Conscience: A conference on sustainability and the fashion industry, inspiring talks from successful Nordic designers such as Nickie Isaksen from Greenland, Barbara i Gongini from Faroe Islands, Steinunn from Iceland and GudrunogGudrun from Faroe Islands, seminar about future cooperation between vest-Nordic fashion designers. Nordic Street Style photo exhibition will be at the Social-bar where other events like talks and Fashion-Cinema will also take place.

In front of creativity, Nordic Fashion Biennale, is a forum for professionals, a cultural festival for city-dwellers and visitors. This is the place for inspiration and critical thinking.

The Nordic Fashion Biennale website is now open and will be updated regularly with media material as well as information about the event and speakers. Visit us at: www.nordicfashionbiennale.com

We welcome all friends of fashion design and fine jewelry to visit us and explore what Nordic Fashion Biennale has to offer. For further information please contact us at [info@nordicfashionbiennale.com](info@nordicfashionbiennale.com)



Shall the Nordic Region be a GMO-free zone in the future?


“The Nordic Region should be declared free of genetically modified organisms and the Nordic countries should join other European states like Austria, Greece and Poland, which have already declared themselves GMO-free zones,” according to a proposal by the Lef-Socialist Green Group (VSG) on the Nordic Council.

“Research suggests that the use of genetically modified products has a negative impact on health,”(…) “It would provide a boost to sustainable development and underpin the positive environmental and health image the Nordic Region aims to project,” says the Group. Full article [www.norden.org]

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