FærID have just launched a new product range in Iceland at the Design March in Reykjavik.

FærID is a new product design company based in Iceland with a mix of Icelandic and Swedish designers.

Here is a list of the three objects shown at the Design March.



Inspired by old Nordic history, Midsummer festivals and love of family. This piece named Askur was first show-pieced during the Design March in Iceland in 2009.

The piece reinvents old values and new experiences.

This picnic basket is handcrafted in Iceland out of Icelandic Birch and then spray coated as a protection for the wood.

The pieces in the picnic set are designed mainly to serve for Nordic food such as herring, rye bread, potatoes and eggs.

Designers: Karin Eriksson & Thorunn Hannesdottir, Iceland




The French fairy tale Le Maistre Chat, ou Le Chat Botté, commonly known as “Master Cat” or “Puss in Boots”, inspired the designers when confronted with a problem known to most homes.

The average woman owns around 19 pairs of shoes, to maximise the lifetime span of the shoes it is important that they are well kept.

The Master holder keeps the boots from wrinkling around the ankle, falling over and messing up the hallway. The Master clip is used in ankle boots and court shoes to maintain their shape and lure.

The shoe and boot holders, are very light and can be flat packed for easy storage while they are not in use.

The Master range create added value to the owners footwear and creates playful and clean aesthetically pleasing elements to your home.

Designers: Karin Eriksson & Thorunn Hannesdottir, Iceland




Epikk is a module shelving unit is designed to work for all homes.

The unit floats on the wall and the wall posts come in different lengths as well as that the wall post are able to conceal electrical cables in specially designed slots on the edges of the wall posts.

This allows electronic devices found in most modern households today to be stored away whilst been esthetically clean and cable free. This is also incorporated in the desk designed for the unit which has a compartment that can store away an extension as well as multiple cables with no visibility to the eye.

The design gives the consumer complete control and allows the customer to play with size, colors, price and layout.

The visual language for the shelf was originated from the Danish design The Royal System designed by Poul Cadovius.

Epikk uses wood and plastic together, mixing different colors and textures. The brushed steel brackets give the unit a strong and a secure hold.

Designers: Karin Eriksson & Thorunn Hannesdottir, Iceland





The coatrack ‘superemma’ is a homage to the classical trolleys and brings with its striking
statement the joy of consumption into your house.The elaborate construction of the
chronium-plated steel framework creates the basic for jolly hanging up.
Also fashion accessory and umbrellas find their place at the coatrack ‘superemma’.


‘superemma’ is availlable in two dimensions. The small coatrack composed of two segments
is 60 cm wide and the large coatrack composed of three segments is 88 cm wide.
Furthermore the hooks are availlable in three different colours. So you have the choice
between lightgrey, blue and green.

Further grafical material and information to this product you will also find at our web site.
Visit us at [www.maigrau.com](https://www.maigrau.com/)

Nik Back_Alexander Stamminger.jpg

about maigrau:

‘maigrau’ is a new design brand established 2007 by the designers Alex Stamminger and Nik Back.
Since then the young label is occupied with designing products from the range of furniture,
living accessories and lights.
Beside the designing of products ‘maigrau’ lets manufacture the own drafts of producing enterprises
in Germany.

Products of ‘maigrau’ are inovative and sustainable. They speak a clear language which results from
the logic of the function and the material. The soul of the products is embodied by the ease of the
shape and the high quality of the used materials.



Motiv miljö liten.png

‘Motiv’ is an angled fan casing for kitchen fans that can turn really personal – you can use the fan casing as a picture frame.
Insert your family photo, holiday memories or a piece of the same wallpaper as on the walls in the kitchen. And feel free to
change motif whenever you like.

Fjäråskupan is manufacturing elegant fan casings by hand after the measurements desired by the costumers.
Fjäråskupan’s products are known for being both well-designed and well-functioned. The company is based in Gothenburg (Göteborg).

Link: Fjäråskupan AB ([https://www.fjaraskupan.se/](https://www.fjaraskupan.se/))


Kayiwa: FAITH

Picture 1.png


The multipurpose FAITH may be used as a candelabrum, a walking stick rack or a flower vase et cetera depending on the varied thickness and dimensions of its shell. When using it as a vase or a candelabrum, we recommend the use of floral aquapics and non-drip candles, respectively.
It comes in porcelain, gold and silver.



Butler 500 cordless DECT phone and the Butler 920 Skype phone


Goodmorning, a Danish strategic design firm recently developed stylish phones for a Belgium tele-company called TopCom.

Here shown the Butler 500 cordless DECT phone and the Butler 920 Skype phone.

The Butler 500 is a much simplified DECT phone for Topcom. Designed to be simple in expression and simple in use, the Butler 500 can be placed in its charger vertically or horizontally. The back of the phone houses a back-lit screen – to offer the information that matters. The keys use a touch-sensitive membrane but are graphically divided with fine lines “engraved” in the surface. In a world of over-styled and over-cluttered DECT phones, block offers a refreshingly simple phone which still has a strong presence.

The Butler 920 phone for Topcom is pure ”ear candy”. Designed as a high volume and relatively cheap Skype (VOIP) phone, the Butler 920 should be available in a range of bright, candy colours. The top half of the phone houses the screen within a case of clear plastic. The Butler 920 offers a fun and simple companion to your computer.

The Butler 500+ or “Partner phone” for Topcom is so-called because, unlike conventional DECT phones, it forms a strong partnership with its charging base. When sitting on its base, the partner phone creates an attractive whole, with an embedded screen which shows you just the information you need. A small scoop in the handset both helps to locate the navigation keys and makes it easier to pick the phone from its base. The base holds the handset in place with a magnet so that the partner phone can be placed horizontally or mounted on a wall.

(Goodmorning Technology is a strategic design firm, placed in Copenhagen Denmark. With 15 people working within the fields of product, graphic, digitaldesign, architecture, strategy, business, communication and ethnology they develop and design innovative solutions in a complex world)

Link: [Goodmorning](https://gmtn.dk/)


Auction of design products made in DuPont ™ Corian ®


Hot news for collectors and others whom are interested in design: a remarkable auction with a selection of unique installations and products made in the exclusive material, DuPont ™ Corian ®. Among the designers are greats such as Ron Arad, Zaha Hadid and Sottsass Associati.

The auction takes place Dec. 18 at the Pierre Bergé & Associés in Brussels, one of the main galleries for design, and of course they accept bids from Finland.

All items are exclusive originals and are created for various exhibitions and fairs. There is everything from art objects from Sottsass, to futuristic kitchen design by Zaha Hadid, which shows that DuPont ™ Corian ® is a material which is extremely versatile and easy to work with.


Vitrulux stand on FinnBuild '08

[VITRULUX Oy](https://vitrulux.com/) specializes in design and installation of complex and high-tech fasade lighting systems for buildings and other urban structures. Our company builds on serious innovative decisions.

Come visit us at [FinnBuild ’08](https://www.finnexpo.fi/finnbuild/) in lot 5g19 starting on the 24th of September, 2008 for a hands-on presentation of our technology. We will be glad to talk and to answer any of your questions.

FinnBuild is the most important building and building services exhibition in Finland. FinnBuild is now arranged for the 18th time and once again presents the newest products, solutions and services of the branch.

International FinnBuild brings the whole construction sector together. Both major, trend-setting old hands as well as new, innovative entrepreneurs will be taking part. FinnBuild, which was first arranged in 1974, fills in all six halls of the Helsinki Fair Centre. (source)

FinnBuild Expo takes place at the Helsinki Fair Center on September 24 – 27, 2008. Please see the map below, which would help you find us at FinnBuild this year.


For more information and to arrange for a visit please see the FinnBuild 2008 Expo website.



Menu is a Danish design company, founded in 1979. We develop table and giftware and market it internationally.

Menu’s inspiration and design culture are rooted in the tradition of Scandinavian design, and we are uncompromising in the standard of quality we expect of our products. Menu’s headquarters lie in a beautiful area near Fredensborg Castle in North Zealand, Denmark. Our design and sales departments as well as our showroom and administration are located here in a creative and inspirational environment.

Web site




GLOOO is a prototype of globe-shaped world browser and communicator. This device has globe-shaped screen giving the view of current state of the planet, weather, customized news headlines and online contacts. With support of projected laser keyboard user can communicate with his online contacts via preferred messaging software like Skype and MSN messenger.

Menus and navigation of globe accessed by Easy-to use touch ball, built-in camera giving the possibilities to communicate in video chat mode.

Concept and design: Igor Polyakov.

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