Gad leinson from GL-Koru Oy says:

At GL-Koru we have a wide range of ready made products from engagement rings to cufflinks, from gold chains to titanium jewellery. We offer unique, extremely high quality products designed and manufactured in our own workshop.

We aim to design our jewellery so that all the pieces compliment each other, forming unique sets. This gives you an opportunity to increase your collection piece by piece and become the proud owner of a beautifully elegant ensemble.

We make jewellery using mainly gold and titanium, but also silver. Our products are made of the highest quality precious metals. We mix our own yellow gold by using fine gold, fine silver and copper. For yellow gold jewellery we normally use 14 carat gold, but we also use, on request, 18 carat or even 23 carat gold. Jewellery made with white gold is always made with 18 carat palladium white gold, which is the safest choice in preventing possible allergies.

Link: [](


RingRing: a new collection from Chao & Eero

RingRing_Cufflink cufflinks 100dpi.jpg

Chao & Eero come with new collection, RingRing.

Designers created the RingRing collection with a hint of the urban art form of graffiti, which they have been photographing many years in Finland and abroad during their trips.

RingRing_Earring big earrings_big 100dpi.jpg

These are serious designs with fun and playful attitude, so they are pretty much in line with all the jewelry they have been creating through out the years.

RingRing_Tieclip tieclip 100dpi.jpg

Made with the sense of humor each piece is definitely a good conversation opener.

RingRing_Ring ring gold diamond 100 dpi.jpg

As always, all the pieces are handmade and finished in Lahti, in their brand new studio, where Chao & Eero moved in the beginning of this year.



What you Need to Know About Replica Silver Jewelry

Vintage ring

by Eric Slarkowski

There are lots of interesting online designer jewelry shops around today, you can also buy replica jewelry. This jewelry is made in many different styles, so there is a lot of variety for you to choose from. Designer inspired (replica) jewelry is available in many different pieces.

The Types Of Designer Inspired Silver Jewelry Available

There are lots of different types of replica designer silver jewelry around today. You can buy watches, earrings, necklaces rings and bracelets. There are lots of different designs available for each separate type of jewelry. You can buy simple designs, to very elegant and sophisticated designs. There is a piece of replica jewelry that is right for everyone, you just have to look hard to find it. Why not rush out and buy some designer inspired jewelry which you can start wearing today. I was recently shopping with a friend who was looking for a designer-inspired engagement ring – when she found the right one, it was simply poetry!



Buying Unique Original Fashion Jewelry

Wedding rings

by Peter Wilson

No matter what you are interested in, designer jewelry is very popular. However jewelry is actually a victim of its own success because when this becomes so popular there is more temptation for people to copy and rip off the jewelry. The more popular the design becomes, the more knock offs are available. This can happen for pretty much any product, including jewelry. The knock offs are usually made quite cheaply and can be of an inferior quality.



Make yourself look presentable with faux jewelry

by Linden Walhard

Everybody loves the beautiful jewelry that we all see celebrities wearing, but few of us can actually afford to buy the same jewelry. This can be very disappointing for lots of people. Faux designer jewelry is a possible alternative to the real thing. Faux designer jewelry looks just like the real thing, so you are the only person that knows that it’s fake. If you buy faux jewelry carefully you will be able to get a piece of jewelry which looks fantastic.

Where can I find this Jewelry?

There are lots of high street stores that stock various ranges of faux designer jewelry. There are only a few that you will probably be interested in. One very good company is Overstock Jewelry, they offer very inexpensive faux jewelry. The jewelry here is of quite a high quality, and looks like the real thing!



Karl-Oskar Karlsson: new products

Some time ago we published [an interview with Swedish designer Karl-Oskar Karlsson]( on our blog. It’s became a good tradition to establish good relationships between NDB and designers we interviewed and they sending us their updates and new product/design announcements, giving us excellent opportunity to keep hand on the beat of Nordic Design. This time Karl-Oskar sent me an update about his new products and site renovation: as usual, his designs are awesome and [site]( looks great!

New creations of Karl-Oskar Karlsson:

**Black Jacks**


Ergonomic hand tool for glass blowers. In cooperation with ESSEMCE SWEDEN.

**Photos of Fusing**


Photos on canvas and photopaper in sizes up to 100×150 cm. (If you want to buy them for your new interior project, contact Karl via his site).



Beautiful necklaces made of glass in the kingdom of crystal.

Link: [](




[Yva]( is an elegant pleasure objet d’art, handcrafted in stainless steel or 18K gold-plate, with a deep and resonant vibe. The metal, luxurious and evocative against the naked skin, offers exciting prospects for users inclined to the sensual utilization of hot or cold. A perfect accessory for that dressy but boring party, YVA is small, rechargeable and exceedingly quiet.

Designer: LELO
Country: SWEDEN
Homepage: [](


Chao & Eero jewel: Updates


Chao & Eero jewel is a jewellery company working in Finland since 2005. Chao and Eero share the same dedication for their works. They want to create jewelry with vivid imagination and insist on quality in both designs and products. Great attention is paid to the details, and their works are all made and hand-finished in Finland.

Recently they have updated their webpage, and added three new collections, plus some new unique works. You can check them out on [](

Chao & Eero jewel will also participate to Designmarket 07 in [Kaapelitehdas]( (Helsinki) on 22.09.07 – 23.09.07 from 11.00 to 17.00, so if you happen to pass around, come and see their works there.


Kalevala Koru jewelry

Kalevala Koru jewelry – Bold, Timeless, Genuine (From Kalevala Koru site)

Kalevala Koru jewelry seeks its inspiration from the unique Finnish and Scandinavian jewelry traditions throughout the ages.

The classic collection consists of replicas of ancient Iron Age jewelry discovered by archaeologists. Some motifs originate in the beginning of the Christian Era, others in the prosperous Viking Age, the Middle Ages of the late centuries. Our talented designers tailor delicately these historical models to suit the present time.READ MORE