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Cool Hunting: Lindstrøm

Cool Hunting: Lindstrøm: ” We recently followed the Norwegian electronic musician Lindstrøm to Studio B in Brooklyn for his first ever live performance in the U.S. The producer and founder of Feedelity records has been gaining much attention lately for his ‘space disco’ style. Raised on country and western, Lindstrøm quit his band and job to devote all his time to producing this danceable music. In his studio, where he oftentimes collaborates with fellow Norwegian Prins Thomas, we witness the experimentation and creative process as…

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Oliphant is a Finnish medieval music group, founded in Finland in 1995. The members are professional musicians specialised in ancient music. Oliphant’s plays music from the 12th century to the polyphonic ars nova. The group has played a lot of well known middle ages titles and continually studying and performing forgotten songs, that making Oliphant standing out the crowd of medieval-theme orchestras. Link: [Oliphant](

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