KAYIWA proves that granite has always been “in”

Move over marble – here comes something more contemporary. While for centuries marble has been the medium of classical sculptors, even an enduring and timeless art form like sculpture can use an update. KAYIWA brings sculptural design into a new era with its latest granite collection.

These art-meets-function creations, with a minimalist, modern-design sensibility, are intended to last for years of use and enjoyment. Each item is a numbered limited edition piece, which means that every single one is a completely unique work of art.

Granite is one of the most durable, naturally occurring stones. While mainly used in architecture and art, it is ideal for surfaces that see a great deal of use, such as counter tops. In creating these avant-garde objects for living that experiment with form and aesthetic, Lincoln Kayiwa combines traditional handcraft with mechanization to create a line of timeless products – from mortar and pestle to furniture – exclusively out of a selection of rare Finnish granite types, such as Amadeus, Brown Hill, Moss Granite and Lappia Green. The collection pays tribute to the Finnish centenary, as granite is the national stone.

Though granite is weighty, a key feature throughout the collection makes the pieces easy to move. Honed finger grooves are placed strategically to allow the user to grip objects and lift them off surfaces.

The silhouettes throughout the granite collection are a play on geometry, proportion and precision, with contrasts of various shades and types of polished and honed granite. They include the following:

The SM Mortar and Pestle is a must-have essential for foodies and kitchen adventurists. This totem pole-shaped pentaptych is not only great for grinding spices or making guacamole, pesto and more, but it’s also a nutcracker. Though this multi-faceted tool may allude to S&M, it’s only by coincidence. It’s named after the designer’s partner, whose family and close friends address her as SM.

SM+ Citrus Reamer is a highly functional objet d’art. The reaming end stays elevated off the surface where it stands to keep germs and mess at bay.

The Barbara I & II Candleholders are each an artistic work in progress, with accumulating wax drippings lending an icing effect. Just like cake, they crumble. They may chip along the edges over time in a natural process that contributes to their beauty but does not diminish their usefulness. They can be used as a whole or by the slice.

Used individually or in groups, the multifunctional Dico Catchall is an elegant receptacle for walking sticks, umbrellas, candles, pens and more.

Using this Betty Rolling Pin, the user need not exert as much pressure to achieve results. The weight and smooth stone surface make flattening dough as easy as pie.

Osmo and Edouard Flower Pots come in oval or cylindrical shapes (respectively) to set off your bonsai, cacti or other distinguished greenery.

The concept behind the Hamara Platter and Ittoli Bowl was the fascinating idea of a heavy object that hovers in air. Curved on both sides, the contact-lens-shaped platter and half-sphere-shaped bowl have no flat bottoms. The contrast between the dense granite and these expressive light shapes give the platter and bowl a weightless look, as if they are floating. These versatile vessels suit many purposes – as everyday receptacles or as table centerpieces – all of which display the inherent beauty in the natural grain of the granite.

The Nzela Coffee Table, an ingenious flat-pack construction of three snap-fit elements, uses only gravity to stay together; therefore, it does not require any tools, fixtures or fittings for assembly. Simple, yet sturdy enough for daily use, this series of coffee tables is a practical and beautiful addition to any living space.

The Eemeli Board Set is a combination of reversible trivet, cutting board and serving board – each with its granite type and unique, natural grain. Its high-strength surface construction is food-safe, limits knife marks, and easy to clean. Last but not least, it showcases each type of granite in the quadriptych beautifully.


Vyborg’s City Library, Russia

Vyborg's City Library, Russia

Vyborg’s city library (Viipurin kaupunginkirjasto in Finnish) was built in 1927-1935. This internationally acclaimed building was designed by Finnish architect Alvar Aalto. It is regarded as one of the major examples of functionalist design of 1920’s.


Aalto’s library is recently completely renovated. For more information about the library, please visit Alvar Aalto Museum’s website




Incorporating Design and Value: Nordic Aesthetics

Incorporating Design and Value: Nordic Aesthetics

What sets out Scandinavian design from the rest is its impeccable combination of functionality and aesthetics: take a step into a traditional Nordic home or a classy contemporary apartment, and the acuteness of balance reaches a level of perfection which is not only living-friendly but highly marketable as well. The visual appeal of minimalism – focusing on the clear-cut contours and contrasts of bold and neutral colours in their simplest form, highlighting the breadth of negative space and light – as well as the need to maximize efficiency is one of the biggest reasons why the Nordic look is among some of the most sought-after designs of the new century.

What Makes It Sell

There are numerous reasons why Scandinavian manufacturers are able to find a highly lucrative international market. Recent trends in the industry have turned towards a scaling-down of some design features and a scaling up of others, and this is present in other markets, as well. Smaller devices like smartphones and tablets replace desktops and laptops (which are becoming more sleek and portable by the day as well) while television screens are hitting dimensions which would have been bewildering a decade or two ago. Likewise for housing: small, off the grid houses, eco-pods, and other premises promoting sustainability have also garnered a popular following, while city-bound apartments have been liberated into a gallery of open spaces where the focus shifts from what is not there than what is immediately present – as though the room is, quite literally, a window to the rest of the city.

In this instance, the Scandinavian design, with its crisp, monochromatic tones and occasional dash of bold colour and clean lines and corners makes furniture and showroom the perfect mise-en-scene for that contemporary romance of beautifully-blended aesthetics. Broken up only by the occasional ornate embellishment or more preferably the striking or subtle accent and the solid surfaces with occasional soft textures for comfort, the Nordic home is both leisurely to live in, and satisfying to look at.

Adding Value to the Home

But this isn’t the only way in which Scandinavian design enhances the overall living experience. In real estate, appearance is really the ultimate selling factor. The dimensions of a house are only understood through the way a photograph will convey the expansiveness of a living room or the curb appeal on the exterior. How light interacts with space will also emphasize this.

What many real estate agents advise homeowners – especially those who are focusing on the selling power and long-term investment of a property – is to keep their home neutral. Light colours and open spaces are important for the perspective of the potential buyer: they are not interested in how the home is lived in under its current ownership, but the possibilities which can happen when they move into it. A home which is cluttered, over-decorated, and outdated (vs. a classy interpretation of vintage and preservation of classic characteristics) can disguise the dimensions, features, and selling points of the house as well as deter the buyers who want an easy transition into their new house, unless they are seeking a fixer-upper, of course.

How does Scandinavian style play into this? Nordic art and architecture has several advantages: it is both generic and functional, while also enjoying distinct styles exclusive to the traditions and styles of the region. And it’s versatile, able to draw on both the new and old – it’s not just contemporary which can enhance a home, particularly when rustic decor is involved.

Certainly, there are many different aspects which will add value to a home. Community and location is one: what resources are available like schools, libraries, health, etc. as well as entertainment and leisure, retail, and dining, recreation, and the overall aesthetic appeal of the landscape. Demographics also play a role, as well as safety. Homeowners will respond to these differently depending upon what they are looking for. Value will be applied depending on these as well, such as how sought-after that particular region is. This affects everything from mortgage availability to coverage, and even how sustainable a home is made can play a role too. This is fast turning into a very important point of focus for many builders, architects, and insurance companies as the need for sustainability is highlighted, particularly in vulnerable regions like the UK and the US. Combine this with sophisticated yet casual decor, curb appeal and more, then the home is produced with value transcends the visual and illuminates all its winning factors.

While some trends will change, the framework for genres will likely remain in vogue for a long time – as has been proven with the success of small, independent manufactures of Nordic design and big success stories like Ikea who have utilized a number of intuitive strategies into the business plan. The value of Scandinavian flavour is unquestionable, and it’s one which continues to leave its impression on people from across the globe today aesthetically and economically.



Last warm days

Silence – precisely what is coming first to the mind when do you spend here some period, and what’s associating with Finland as long as you’re abroad. Silence and tranquility, sometimes it’s so deep that you could even hear the noise of dropping snowflakes. This feeling of calmness and Peace spreads on every part of live here except the evenings from the pubs and Ice hockey matches.

You see the idea all over the place: from the general public transport, from the residential blocks and also railroad stations. Going the experience from the shuttle bus throughout the 2000 Ski Jumping Word Championship in Kuopio as soon as 2 Frenchmen rose to the coach and also initiated to converse : That had been any discomfort to listen to every single word of the chat during congested shuttle bus… Sure, it is possible to recognise any foreigner instantly by the amount of sound he’s generating.

Within Finland, people really like peace and quietness. You have the total concept of the idea whenever you really feel consequently uneasy as soon as somebody while using his car’s horn throughout the traffic: that you are instantly beginning to desperately watch around throughout concern in which somebody point his / her anger to you personally, as you does something inappropriate…

Silence is usually a source of inspiration for artists and also designers in Finland. When one gets the thinking behind silence as a way to obtain inspiration, he gets an essential of the appeal of Nordic design and he knows design drivers behind the a lot of the design artefacts. Lovely lines of Iittala’s tableware, clean patterns of Marimekko’s materials and clear minimalism regarding Fiskars tools. Which decent culture and also habit of peaceful atmosphere, say a DNA of silence is nature of quite a few items and home equipment designed in Finland. You feel it in design of doors, windows closures, you are feeling it in structure and vehicle design.

Silence is also clearly related with most beautiful time of the day: Sininen Hetki or a Blue Moment, it’s a period when sunlight is currently passed to the horizon, and also the last cool red reflections may be disappeared. This time is persistent method to obtain inspiration for a lot of art masterpieces such as paintings, tunes and visual art.


Knowledge of way of life connected with internal peace are really key factors of good results if you’re developing with regard to Finns. Inside text marketing communications phrases typed in all capital letters are seems like yelling and very uncomfortable to Finnish audience. In case somebody works by using the item throughout their email chats, Finns may feel that such person is angry.

With buildings projects one among most crucial facets are the noise-protecting constructions as well as solitude throughout located blocks as well as properties.

With car or truck style the degree of sound safety is frequently higher than throughout all of those other entire world.

Minimal noise level is a critical factor throughout marketing campaigns of equipment, many of Scandinavian producers such as Electrolux and OBH Nordica paying extra attention of silence of these products.

Silence can be applied to visual designs too, the smart using colour harmony, non-disruptive colour palettes and also clutter free layouts will certainly increase the value of visuals.

I believe that this knowledge may help you understand the characteristics and essentials regarding Nordic mentality, and finally will assist you to create beautiful design.


***ON DECK*** Unbelievable Bruno Mathsson Swedish Mid Century Modern Coffee Table for Dux (Sweden, 1950s)

Kinzco has added a photo to the pool:

***ON DECK*** Unbelievable Bruno Mathsson Swedish Mid Century Modern Coffee Table for Dux (Sweden, 1950s)

Alpha dog Bruno Mathsson coffee table for Dux Sweden with label attached,
round travertine top with intricate
notches for the four beech leg posts, metal cross-stretchers, original finish, marble is stamped "Made in Italy", 40"dia x 15"h, excellent condition. Sick!! Sick I tell you!.