Tested on Animals!


Few weeks ago I received a sample from one PR company that working for Philips, this time it was a pair of their new fancy headphones from the new series made in collaboration with O’Neil: Tested on animals.

I working in home studio, and sometimes need to concentrate on my work, so I use headphones with my computer. I turning on iTunes and working and listening some inspirational music in same time, so good headphones are essential.

The first impression was very positive after touching of their vintage-styled and though fabric-covered cord that gave me feeling of durability and comfort.

After putting headphones I was surprised by level of silence – the big amount of external noise was reduced dramatically, that gave a good and comfortable feeling.

I using these Headphones and like them, they has improved the quality of my life on some degree.


Some stuff from PHILIPS


I recently got a FedEx package from PR company working for PHILIPS with some computer gadgets by PHILIPS. They wrote in cover letter that they noticed my blogging activities, and that I writing about gadgets, so they decided to send me these items. They stated that I am under no obligation to write about the products if I feel that they are not relevant, but if I will drop a line or two they will appreciate it. A clerk is wrote also, that I need to mention that received the gift from Philips, so everything will be transparent, etc.

I receive sometimes various devices from companies in tasting purposes, as a luxury phone from NOKIA at the last spring for some period of time (although I was so busy and had no time to write a review) but all other companies wanted their things back, and it was not so sweet as this time, when I got it in my own use.

So, when we opened a box (there were a lot of fun with bubble wraps) we got:

* A pair of cushions for laptops, one with a speaker connected with USB and a second one, with a heat-neutralizing system is more suitable for smaller laptops.
* A [bluetooth enabled mouse](https://www.consumer.philips.com/c/-/spm9800_10/prd/gb/) with some several interesting functionality.
* A speaker system for laptop attaching to the top of the lid.

I and my family tested all items during two weeks, and we found some of gadgets very useful and nice. I liked a mouse, because it has a functionality for use without a surface thorough some kind of optical trackball on the top of it, and especially, because of its wireless nature. This gadget helped me to cheat my littlest daughter (she hates when I am using laptop when I am holding her – she is a newborn) so I was able to operate laptop from the far via the mouse in the pocket of my jeans. I loved a [Notebook CushionSpeaker](https://live.philips.com/index.php/en_us/video/notebook-cushionspeaker/31352424001), since it really protect laps from the heat of my MacBookPro, but this cushion has very slippery surface, but special rubber stoppers fortunately were included in the box as well. Regarding to the speaker – my daughters loved to use them during the gaming and watching movies.

I heard that PHILIPS has acquired AVENT – maybe the next time I will receive some nice things for my little baby? I promise to write about it! ūüôā


Pizza Hut: Cheesy Bites Ateria 3-4:lle


I was under impression of [Phil’s post](https://www.finlandforthought.net/2009/05/13/pizza-slut/) when we come to the [Pizza Hut](https://www.pizzahut.fi/) in Cityk√§yt√§v√§ in Helsinki, near Stockmann, and when I citated it to my wife, she starred at me with some doubth, but our daughter was very hungry and we decided to go for it finally.

After ordering of Cheesy Bites that so delightfully depicted on adverts across the restaurant, we figured out that pizza has a size of normal KotiPizza (Starting from 7,40‚ā¨), and these infaumous cheese bites around the pizza has nothing common with their brothers photographed on the advertisement.

This masterpiece is stated as suitable for 3 or even 4 persons, but you will get feeling of hunger after the meal.

And all of this beauty only for 49,90‚ā¨!


Sarah in the kitchen

Sarah in the kitchen

Originally uploaded by Gloel.

Our family moving to Helsinki on this Summer. So now we going to sell our appartment and to search for the new one in Helsinki in very short timeframe.

Any suggestions and tips about of lovely place to live are welcome!

Sarah’s school going to be in the centre of the city, so transport conections are most important things to consider.


Vitun spämmääminen (f**king spamming)

Many of us searching for the new job being already employed. I have learned that it’s normal. Really, it’s very natural to look for better place and for bigger income. So, job search is a permanent process in my life.

Nokia building in Ruoholahti, HelsinkiI searching for new job using few methods:

* Browsing through job listings on job search sites.
* Checking recruitment sections of home pages of design-related companies and agencies (Nokia in first hand).
* Leaving my CV everywhere it’s possible.
* Using Google Adwords ads to get visitors on my online portfolio.
* Sending job inquiries directly to companies that may be in interest of my qualifications.READ MORE