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Fotolia is a large community of professional artists, photographers and others who like to share, learn and express themselves through the art of photography and image creativity, offering its wide range of quality photos in the world through online marketing. Fotolia is a well-known resource for royalty free images, allowing individuals and professionals legally purchase of images and illustrations.

Regarding to their image bank site ( offers several search options, including production status, theme, keyword, and collection. The long list of categories is easy to find, conveniently located on the homepage in order. With the number of images grows every day, although important, it is not about the quantity of images, but on research in special collections of quality visuals, which distinguishes them. When you use search functions, you’re sure to find unique content. It is the strength that comes from having a database of very large number of images.

Fotolia challenges the traditional agency model and offering real opportunity to present, to earn money and share their skills regardless of their fame, position or size of the portfolio to everybody including professionals and amateurs. This fact makes them a winner in my eyes!




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Our friend and talented Finnish photographer [Uzi Varon]( launched his personal exhibition SUOMALAISIA on 07.08.08 at gallery of the International Cultural Centre Caisa in Helsinki.

The photographs Uzi showing this time, has been taken in frame of the book project in same name, organised by Finnish publisher of educational books Lasten Keskus and that will planned to be published on this fall.

The book tells stories of immigrants that come to live in Finland from various countries, their thoughts about difficulties they meet in their home countries and about their integration into the Finnish community.

Photographs are taken with one strict conception in mind: each person is depicted with background which he decided to represent his home country, in his national clothes and in clothes he usually wear in his everyday life in Finland.

Exhibition: Uzi Varon
Wed 6.8.2008 , 10.00 – Thu 28.8.2008 , 18.00


[The International Cultural Centre Caisa](

[Lasten Keskus](

[Uzi Varon](


Karl-Oskar Karlsson: new products

Some time ago we published [an interview with Swedish designer Karl-Oskar Karlsson]( on our blog. It’s became a good tradition to establish good relationships between NDB and designers we interviewed and they sending us their updates and new product/design announcements, giving us excellent opportunity to keep hand on the beat of Nordic Design. This time Karl-Oskar sent me an update about his new products and site renovation: as usual, his designs are awesome and [site]( looks great!

New creations of Karl-Oskar Karlsson:

**Black Jacks**


Ergonomic hand tool for glass blowers. In cooperation with ESSEMCE SWEDEN.

**Photos of Fusing**


Photos on canvas and photopaper in sizes up to 100×150 cm. (If you want to buy them for your new interior project, contact Karl via his site).



Beautiful necklaces made of glass in the kingdom of crystal.

Link: [](




These QTVR panoramas of New Year 2008 celebration in big cities over the world doesn’t leave you bothered, it’s just fun and enjoyable to watch them. I love image from Sydney especially. These pictures available on site, created by a commercial photographer Hans Nyberg from Denmark.

Link: New Year 2008-Sydney-Rio-Amsterdam-London-Hongkong-Taipei – 360 degree Panoramas

Via [vikinotbecks](


Fire Station at Fiskars

Fire Station at Fiskars
Fire Station at Fiskars

Originally uploaded by Qvidja50.

[Alan Lishness](, one of contributors of [Nordic Design photo pool]( on flickr posted recently this nice history article about Fiskars company, simply must read:

“My friend, [Petri]( , and I shot in the small town of Fiskars, Finland, located aproximately 100 Km from Helsinki. The cutlery company bearing its name was incorporated in 1649 by a Dutch merchant who had been granted a charter to establish a blast furnace and forge there. Today, Fiskars (the company) is widely regarded for the contemporary quality of its tools, and Fiskars (the community) is a thriving premium arts and crafts center. ‘[Fiskars Fire Station](’ on black”


Double Exposure

doubleexposure.jpgWe have wrote about talented photographer Uzi Varon in our blog. His Double Exposure project was shown in Helsinki last January and is booked to Tampere for next fall and then to Helsinki again on March 2007.

Thanks to Uzi, he published today the project on his website, and we now able to enjoy it online.

The project contain 27 images made from two photographs taken in Israel and Finland. Compared together these pictures giving amazing and sometimes really moving effect. The music by Jason Carter adding dramatic effect to the show. Worth to take some time for looking.


Flickr: Books

Here some books about Flickr just released, an exerpt from the flickr blog:

How_to_use_flickr How to Use Flickr: The Ditigal Photography Revolution

This books is a great introduction to Flickr, both in the sense of, the website, and Flickr, the, um … socially constructed conceptual framework for a new model of online interaction. It not only runs down the features, but contains a lot of great interviews, sidebars, stories of how people use Flickr, ettiquette, and notes on how the features are getting used and the social dynamics that have evolved. Definitely the book to get a friend or loved one you are trying to "convert" to Flickrism.

Flickr_hacks_1 Flickr Hacks: Tips and Tooks for Sharing Photos Online

Part of the venerable O’Reilly ‘Hacks’ series of books, and co-authored by Paul Bausch (Blogger co-founder and inventor of the permalink!) and Jim Bumgardner (creator of the Flickr Colrpickr and collaborative posters), this book is for the more technically adept Flickr user who’s interested in stretching Flickr functionality to the limits, through the website as well as through the API. With a great forward by Flickr co-founder Caterina Fake.

Building_flickr_applications Flickr Application Development with PHP

This one we haven’t read (it’s not out yet, but is available for pre-order from a few places) but it’s clearly intended for the real geek/programmer, toiling away building new services, sites, features and products using our APIs.