Bye Bye Microsoft Word, Hello ajaxWrite

Michael Robertson wrote:

is a powerful word
that can read and
write Microsoft Word formatted documents. Anytime you need a word
processor, need to open a
.doc file or edit a .doc file, simply point your Firefox
browser at
and in seconds a full-featured program will be loaded. For 90 percent
of the
people in the world, the need to buy Microsoft Word just vanished.
This won’t make Microsoft happy, but software users should be very
excited that software just got cheaper, immediate and modern.

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Tangible code – Call for workshop participation

Call for workshop participation

Tangible code

Wednesday 15th of February – Saturday 18th of February

at Atelier Nord Oslo/Norway

by Marius Watz & Erich Berger

Free participation

Application deadline Friday 27th of January
Send applications with CV to

Recently, code evidently became artistic material and programming artistic
practice. The coding artist literally hacks his/her artwork, forms it with
skilled hands, touching and communicating with and through it.

Physical electronic interfaces enable the artist to tighten the relation
between the artwork and the audience.

Tangible code is a workshop for artists and practitioners who are interested
in the concepts of programming and physical computing.

The employed tools are the multi platform and open source programming and
hardware environments Processing and Arduino.READ MORE


User Agent IDs

Searching for a site that would have a list of User Agent IDs, I came across
a website with a detailed list of Browser
ID Strings (a.k.a. User Agent ID)
.This can prove useful to a developer who wishes, like they say in their site, to
make the fewest checks possible for the browser environment – or how to optimise
the display or … to know who and what is crawling around your site.


FreelanceBOT beta 1.0 released

Freelance BotIn a competitive market, freelancer need an edge – the kind that only FreelanceBOT is going to provide. FreelanceBOT will serve as personal assistant and will take charge of the tedious process of finding projects, writing proposals, and casting bids.

A powerful assistant to streamline freelance career. Automatically submits bids to freelance sites listings using an artificial intelligence to emulate live person input. Have a lot of functions that help to be concentrated on productive work.

* Development Status: 4 – Beta
* Intended Audience: Advanced End Users, Developers, End
Users/Desktop, Information Technology
* License: GNU General Public License (GPL)
* Operating System: All 32-bit MS Windows (95/98/NT/2000/XP)
* Programming Language: Java
* Topic: Financial, Other/Nonlisted Topic
* User Interface: Java Swing

To participate in beta testing, simply go to FB download page and try this program. You can give your comments on public forum on FB project’s page or report bugs on bugs tracking page.

If you like the idea of this program and want to help us, visit our Help Us page to see current job positions.


Using the innerText Property with Firefox

I’ve read on different forums questions of people asking how they can make the innerText property work with Firefox. Many have suggested to use the innerHTML property instead, but that would not be useful because, obviously, the HTML tags would be either rendered or displayed (an example of the latter would be if we want such text to be displayed in a textarea or text field) giving undesired effects.

Well, in short, Firefox does not support the innerText property. Instead, it supports the textContent property.

So, you could ’sniff’ what browser the user is using and use the correct property accordingly.
So, you could check for the browser’s feature support to use the correct property accordingly (this is better than sniffing ;) )

Example (updated):

     document.getElementById('element').innerText = "my text";
} else{
    document.getElementById('element').textContent = "my text";

That’s it. Hope it helps ;)



Multiple Submit Buttons on a single Form

At some point, people ask themselves “How can I have two submit buttons with different actions in one form?â€? Well, the approach I’ve used to accomplish this task is to ‘emulate’ the submit buttons with regular button controls and changing the form action based on what button was clicked.

In the following example I have a text field and 3 different buttons that will send the string to be searched to Google, MSN or Yahoo depending on what button the user clicks.

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