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Icelandic Market is one of Iceland’s leading web shops, offering some of Iceland’s leading brands and designers.

Icelandic design is inspired of marvels of Mother Nature so the the unique nature and culture in Iceland has been inspiration for many of them. Summers are surprisingly warm and winters not as cold. The warmth shown by Icelanders and their desire to share their culture hopefully reflects in some of the products offered at Icelandic Market.


Модные детки

Latest work from [Hot Snow Design Studio]( a logotype for online store of children clothes Модные детки (In Russian). Graphic Designer: Bronislav Gorlinsky.

Skills applied: Art direction, Graphic design, Brand creation

Client: Модные Детки, 2009.

In this tough time of overall recession people starting to be more active and coming with new ideas, and some of them are successful and very useful for everybody. This online shop has been launched in an attempt to survive in difficult financial situation and help others. Now people in Russia can afford quality clothes for their kids on very reasonable prices. We are proud of being supporting this initiative and helping to create professionally looking identity for this handy online store.

Link: [](

You can see our other latest works on our site: [](


Comic Wallets launched by Mocha


Each one of the new [Comic Wallets]( are a totally unique design. Made using a page from a recycled comic book, means that no two wallets are exactly the same.

These funky wallets are available in a small version for loose change and tickets and a larger version which can hold a passport, travel documents or paperwork.

The Comic Wallets are manufactured by people who are mentally disabled between the ages of 20-60 as part of a rehabilitation process. For many this is their first job and their only chance to lead a normal life. The technique of the design combines handcraft with minimal machine work in accordance with the abilities and limitations of the individuals.


Also recently launched, the [Tea Cup Stool]( designed by British designer Holly Palmer, is inspired by the images and ideas in the story of Alice in Wonderland.

Designed to look like a giant tea cup, this fun stool will appeal to the young and young at heart.

The Tea Cup Stools are available in several bold colours and are also suitable for use outdoors. They are guaranteed to brighten up the decor of any room – or outside space.


The [Silver Tea Glass]( is a the perfect glass to use for serving mint or herbal teas.

Inspired by traditional Moroccan tea glasses, it will evoke images of sultry summer evenings as you warm yourself up with a glass of hot tea.

All these products available at [](


DoBeDo Photographer Series' Tshirt subscription

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DoBeDo is proud to present its first series of Tshirts. photographers Mario Sorrenti, Dick Jewell, Shawn Mortensen, Chardchakaj Waikawee, Mark Lebon and Jack Day have each designed an exclusive photographic Tshirt which will be available as a 6 Tshirt subscription exclusively from each comes with a small 6×4 print and the photographer’s signature printed inside the collar. only 100 subscriptions. AVAILABLE NOW! visit []( for more information

subscribers will receive Tshirt #001 (by Jack Day – see images) with personalised subscription certificate immediately. the following 5 Tshirts will be sent at 6 week intervals


Napapiiri Jeans

NapapiiriJeans has added a photo to the pool:

Napapiiri Jeans 1

Napapiiri Jeans is a Finnish company producing stylish garments made from real vintage and used material usually at least 50 years old. Some of them are from Swedish army back from early 20th century – imagine all stories what they could tell us?

From Napapiiri Jeans site:

Our roots are located at one of the last real frontiers in Scandinavia – Lapland. This is a place where are no traffic lights,
no underground transportation or worries about stock markets. This is a place where reindeers walk free, where water
is clearer than glass and where people have space to breathe.




FLOOR-MODEL imports mid-century modern furniture from Denmark and Sweden for sale in United States. Our items range from unique, high quality items such as credenzas, dining sets, and lounge seating to examples by renowned designers of the period such as Hans Wegner, N.O. Moller, Erik Buck, Arne Norrell, Kai Kristiansen, Arne Vodder, Illum Wikkelso, Tove & Edvard Kindt-Larsen, Peter Hvidt, Orla Morlgaard-Nielsen, Yngve Ekstrom, Ib Kofod-Larsen, Johannes Andersen, etc.

Our new website will be online within the next few days (today is 3/16/06), which will have photos of all of our in store inventory as well as some pieces from our warehouse.

Please visit our showroom located @ HD Buttercup 3225 Helms Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90034 (310) 945-5053

Wholesale inquiries, please contact


Retro Home


Retro Home: Mid Century Vintage Scandinavian Design

This site offers various artifacts: Pottery, Porcelain, Glass, Textile, Book Jewelry etc.
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