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Apple changed design of iCloud

Apple changed the look and feel of their iCloud online service today. Now it has a new, already defined in iOS 7 look. Page’s background has been changed and icon’s style is more flat now. There is many rants among creative community about Apple’s new style, but we need to admit that they are consistent in their design, that’s very often is a recipe of brand success.

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F-Secure Lokki – a nice app that make your life easier.

F-Secure’s brand new cell iphone app is a simply and secure method to show the particular locations exactly where all your family members are located. F-Secure says about the Lokki: “We know that nobody wants to be tracked, so we created Lokki around people and places, instead of focusing on tracking your family members on a map.” Lokki is a free application and it’s available on all biggest mobile platforms. Link:

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How to enable the lock screen camera button in IOS 5

After update of IOs on my iPhone I didn’t find promised lock screen camera button and after unsuccessful attempts to activate this feature in phone’s settings I started to google. Fortunately I quickly have find this helpful article revealing how to get it to work: On your lockscreen, just double tap the Home Button to make the camera button appear. It’s very simple but completely not intuitive, shame on Apple’s UX designers!

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